SunBat: The ultimate Solar solution

No matter what your concerns are with installing a solar energy system, SunBat technology will leave you with nothing to worry about whatsoever.


SunBat is a revolutionary new technology which will put to sleep all the problems you can see with fitting your home with solar energy. Its main function is to store any of the solar power you don’t use for future use. It fits alongside any solar PV system and will allow you to keep using solar energy when the weather is too poor or when it’s night time. One of the most common concerns with solar energy is that you can’t rely on it whenever the sun isn’t out, but it doesn’t need to be anymore.

As you can imagine, this is a huge step forward for people looking to make their energy usage more sustainable and keep a greener home.

The best features of SunBat

- You can be more independent from the National Grid. You can use all of your own energy and not have to sell it back to the Grid if you don’t want to. This will also reduce your energy bills as you’ll rely less on outside electricity.

- You’ll be unaffected by power cuts and can keep using your eco-electricity for many hours while everyone else stays in the dark.

- Mornings and evenings are when solar panels are at their least productive, but SunBat will store electricity throughout the day and night for when you’re most likely going to be at home and in need of it. You’ll be able to meet up to 75% of your electricity needs from solar energy alone.

With energy prices reaching record levels, consumers are looking for alternative means which will save them money. If you can be green in the process, that’s a bonus. The government’s Feed-In Tariff is becoming a less attractive offer each year, with the rates at which you get paid getting lower and lower. The savings you’ll make with SunBat will hopefully persuade you that solar energy can be the way forward. You can now exploit your solar panels or tiles to use your eco-electricity when you actually need it.

SunBat consumes a very low amount of energy to run and the battery is fully recyclable when it stops working. The battery will last up to two years, which is a truly long time. This means that as well as making your solar energy more efficient, the technology itself is extremely green and has a low carbon footprint.

Image: Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon

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