Survey by IET Reveals 9% of Brits Considering Solar

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) has shown that 9% of UK households are considering solar installations.


The poll listed solar PV panels as one of the more popular measures considered by homeowners to combat rising energy costs. It was just beaten in popularity by the installation of LED lightbulbs, a measure which 1 in 4 homeowners were considering or had done.

Despite the support they get from the Renewable Heating Initiative, heat pumps were shown to be a less popular option, with just 5% of homeowners considering having them installed.

And just 6% of those surveyed said they were considering cavity wall insulation, despite the huge importance of good insulation in maintaining a warm home, tackling rises in energy costs and reducing household carbon emissions.

 IET’s response

Following the survey, the IET believes that more needs to be done by the government to make UK homeowners aware of renewable heating options. Marjam Sashar of the IET believes that the benefits of renewable heating, despite initiatives such as the RHI just aren’t apparent enough, and are perceived to be more cost and hassle than they are worse. He explained: “People are not going to spend money on energy efficiency because the returns are too intangible and the long-term Green Deal remains with the house.” In short, the benefits are in no way accessible enough, something which needs to change.

Sashar suggests making the benefits more accessible and immediate by taking on a similar policy to car tax, in which more environmentally friendly models pay less tax per year. A reduction in council tax for energy efficient homes could offer more immediate benefit, encouraging more homeowners to consider installing renewable heating or taking up the Green Deal.

Image sourced: CoCreatr

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