Why Solar PV Output is Reduced in high Temperatures

Solar PV output will reduce by up to 10% if the temperature rises above 25 degrees celsius (above the Standard Test Condition of the solar PV panel).


Solar PV panels use the sun’s light to generate electricity, meaning that solar PV output is affected by the weather. This can either be used to supply electricity to the electrical appliances in the home or to heat water for domestic use. Ordinarily solar PV panels will continue to work efficiently in all kinds of weather from very cold or snowy weather in the winter to the hottest weather in the summer. Although the panels will always continue to operate efficiently, weather changes will have an effect on their performance, even if the effect is only minimal.

What effect will high temperatures have on Solar PV output?

Solar PV panels tend to work best in light conditions at lower temperatures. This is because they rely on the sun’s light rather than its heat to generate electricity. This is opposed to solar thermal panels which use the sun’s warmth to heat water for domestic hot water and heating systems. Very high temperatures can in fact lower the performance, and therefore the output, of solar PV panels. In the winter you will likely notice that the very cold temperatures will improve your solar PV panels’ performance.  It is during the summer when temperatures rise about the Standard Test Condition (STC) rating of 25 degrees Celsius that output will be likely to fall by around as much as 10%.

Find out the typical climate of your region here.

Is the reduced output anything to worry about?

Really this is nothing to be concerned about. The reduced solar PV output in high temperatures is perfectly normal and expected. Your panels will continue to produce electricity at an efficient rate, and will pick up their performance once the weather begins to cool down again.

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