Solar Panels

Solar Panels cover a range of technologies including: Photovoltaic (PV panels) which generate electricity, Solar thermal (solar hot water) fand a relatively new technology known as Solar Dynamic Panels which incorporates heat pump technology.


What happens to the Feed-in Tariff when you sell your Home?

The Feed-in Tariff is an annual payment available to home owners who install solar PV or other renewable energy systems in their home to produce their own electricity. Different Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) are available for different systems from solar PV to wind turbines, and each allows for any excess electricity produced to be sold back … Read more


Pros and Cons of Solar PV Tiles

Solar PV tiles are often used as an alternative to solar PV panels due to the more subtle aesthetics they provide. Whereas solar panels sit quite clearly and obtrusively on the roof, tiles can be used to blend in to the surrounding roof tiles whilst also offering the benefits of renewable energy, from cheaper bills … Read more


Should I worry about a Solar PV Fire risk?

Just this year, the Dutch Food and Goods Authority (NVWA) declared 650,000 Scheuten products a solar PV fire risk. The models’ junction boxes, supplied in solar panels between August 2009 and February 2012, were designed with an alleged flaw. The Dutch Food and Goods Authority claimed that 15 fires around Europe were due to the faults … Read more


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