Can Solar Panels Handle an Extreme Climate? Experts say Yes

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have been putting solar panels to the test to see if they can stand up to the extreme climate of the South Pole.

ice cube station

The storms which have been hitting the UK in recent weeks may have got you thinking- just how much extreme weather can solar panels handle before they break or stop functioning? Experts in the USA have been putting them to the test.

The experiment, which took place at the University of Wisconsin, exposed a series of double glass PV solar panels to temperatures as low as -60 degrees C. The tests showed that the panels, junction boxes and cabling did not crack or fail after exposure to this extreme climate for an extended period of time.

The solar panels, made by Sunpreme, have been seen as a potential alternative to shipping fuel to the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole (pictured)- the costs of which currently stand at a staggering $1.61/kwh.

In such extreme and isolated conditions, a resilient, long lasting and clean energy source is essential. Solar panels could prove to be an invaluable resource for those who live and work in such conditions and rely on a constant source of electricity.

Image sourced: Penn State

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