Get Your Application in ahead of the RHPP Deadline

Time is of the essence as the deadline for submitting your RHPP applications looms.

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For those of you who are thinking of fitting a renewable heating system in your home and want to make use of the renewable heat premium payment (RHPP), you might like to think about making a move sooner rather than later.

The deadline for applications is looming, with all due in to the Energy Saving Trust  by March 31st 2014, with no room for extensions or exceptions. This does not mean that your system must be fitted by this point, but your installer must have been chosen, your expected installation ate must be known, and you must be able to five details of the technology you intend to fit.

The RHPP is a single payment grant offered to promote the uptake of renewable heat installations. The government is currently offering £1300 towards air source heat pumps, £2000 towards biomass boilers, £2300 towards ground or water sourced heat pumps, and £600 towards solar thermal installations.

Apply Now

Applications can be made online via the Energy Saving Trust website.

Once your application has been accepted and approved, the RHPP will arrive i the form of a voucher and is available to all homes not on the gas grid, whether currently heated using oil, liquid gas, solid fuel, or electricity. In order to e able to submit your voucher as payment, loft and cavity wall insulation needs to be in place where appropriate and you must have been given a green deal assessment.

The RHPP is in parallel operation to the renewable heat incentive (RHI), and domestic RHI is due to come into effect in spring 2014. It will offer regular payments for eligible renewable heat installations for seven years, and the amount given will be dependent upon the outcome of your green deal assessment. The RHPP is given as a one-off grant to aid with the costs of installation of the value of the grant will ultimately be deducted from RHI income.

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