What is Grey Water Recycling?

Grey water recycling is reusing the water from your sinks, baths and showers for other purposes. You can use it to flush your toilet or water your garden.

grey water recycling

There is a fast growing issue in the UK.  We are running out of our natural water resources.  Grey water recycling can save you money and help conserve our natural water resources for future generations.

Grey water is different from clean water.  It looks cloudy.  This is a result of the water being wasted from domestic use.  On average 33% of water usage comes from baths and showers.  This is known as grey water and can be recycled/ reused to flush toilets.

Often the water from laundry, dishwashers and kitchen sinks is not used because of the high nutrient levels.  We are exposed to a lot of water from rainfall, and the wastewater from our baths.  So why not make use of it?

What can grey water recycling be used for:

Grey water recycling cannot replace the domestic clean water in your home.  You cannot use it for bathing or for hygiene.

However, you can use it to flush your toilets.  Grey water recycling can be used to water your garden.

What Is Grey Water Recycling 700x376 What is Grey Water Recycling?

The uses of, and recycling process of greywater.

Why should I start grey water recycling?

As you have already paid for using this water, reusing it will not cost you anything.  Grey water recycling is a great way for you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your water bills.  Water recovery can help you meet the higher demands of water consumption.

Is grey water recycling energy efficient?

Grey water recycling systems do use energy in order to pump water and to operate.  However, in general it can consume more energy per litre than using the same amount of main water.  The Environmental Agency has asserted that it is far more cost effective to save water than install a grey water system.

Ecological benefits of grey water recycling:

There are many ecological benefits for grey water recycling.  Below is a brief list of the main reasons why more of us should install a grey water system.

  • Less fresh water extracted from rivers and aquifers
  • Topsoil nitrification
  • Reduced energy use and chemical pollution from treatment
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Increased plant growth
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