The environmental benefits of a rainwater recycling system:

Rainwater recycling systems collect clean water, reduce your home’s energy consumption and lowers the demand on our rivers and water sources for water.

rainwater recycling system

Rainwater recycling systems are very green.  The only energy used by a recycling system is to pump the water into your home.  Systems are now being designed that are 100% energy free.

By installing and making use of a rainwater recycling system you can significantly reduce the amount of mains water you use.  These systems are becoming more popular as water supplies fall and restrictions are now in place within many communities to reduce overall water usage.

Environmental benefits of rainwater recycling systems:

Clean water quality:

To produce mains water a lot of energy (and chemicals) is used.  These are eliminated when re-using rainwater.

Rainwater recycling systems do not need to use chemicals to treat the water as you will not be consuming it or bathing in it.  Instead this water will be used to flush your toilet or wash your car.

Rainwater is actually very clean.  There are few pollutants, as the water does not touch the ground before going into a rainwater recycling system.  Compared to the mains water used in most homes, rainwater actually contains fewer chemicals.Environmental Benefits of Rainwater Recycling Systems 3 600x730 The environmental benefits of a rainwater recycling system:

Reduce energy consumption:

Rainwater recycling systems uses far less energy than your mains water supply. This will significantly reduce the amount of CO2 and pollution you home produces.

Less demand on rivers:

Companies are extracting far too much water from rivers and other ground sources to supply our water. This is causing serious damage to Britain’s wetlands. This problem is severe in the southeast as the population is continuing to grow.  This will cause a significant increase in the amount of mains water used.

A rainwater recycling system can supply over 50% of your water needs and this can be used without further purification.

Other Benefits of a Rainwater Harvesting System:

Rainwater does not leave lime scale behind and as it is more natural it is a softer source of water.

If you wash clothes in soft water there would be less laundry detergent needed. Another benefit of using a rainwater harvesting system would be that this water would not contain chlorine.

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