How does home rainwater harvesting work?

Home rainwater harvesting captures water from your roof and stores it in a tank. This water can then be used to water your garden or for domestic use.

home rainwater harvesting

More home rainwater harvesting is needed in the UK.  We do not have as much water as many think.  Rainwater harvesting is a great way to reduce our demands on our water supply, and cut our bills.

Home rainwater harvesting:

The process of home rainwater harvesting is pretty simple.  A water butt is attached to a pipe leading from the gutters.  Water is collected and can be used to wash your car or water your garden.  You can also get pumped home rainwater harvesting systems so you can wash your clothes or flush your toilets.

More sophisticated installations will need a system to monitor the water levels and to work the pump.  Simple home rainwater harvesting systems will direct water from your roof through drainpipes to a storage tank.

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If you want to use that water in your home, you will need a filter.  This ensures no leaves or dirt are in your water.  It will be ready for domestic use.

Most systems also contain an automatic mains water tank top up facility.  That means even when rainwater levels are low, you have a constant supply of water.

What happens when there is no rainfall?

Home rainwater harvesting tanks are equipped with a sensor that activates and alerts you when water levels are low.  Because the system supplies your home with water it will need a mains back up to automatically take over.

It is essential that the plumbing from the water system is labeled and kept separate from your mains system.  A one-way valve means water in the tank cannot flow back into your mains system.

The storage tank can be kept at ground level.  However I recommend you put it underground.  It will be better protected from frost.

Why home rainwater harvesting is needed:

More home rainwater harvesting is needed in the UK.  We do not have as much water as many think.  Despite the fact we get some terrible weather in the UK we are struggling to meet our water demands.

To give you some idea of how bad the situation is, the Environmental Agency claims we only have 1,334 cubic metres of water per person, per year.  Compare that to other (warmer) European countries.

  • Spain has 2,775 per person per year
  • Italy has 2,785 per person per year
  • France has 3,065 per person per year

You can see we really are struggling.  This is because the average Brit uses about 150 litres of water a day.  This is a huge strain on our water supply.  Also remember, it is not just us, but our wildlife that relies on our water.  Wetland birds and fish suffer because of water shortages.

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