2 key components of a home heat recovery system

A home heat recovery system is made up of 2 key components. The heat exchanger transfers one medium into another. There are also 2 different filters.

home heat recovery system

Home heat recovery systems have 2 key components.  These are heat exchanger and the filters.

Home heat recovery system components:

Heat exchanger:

The heat exchanger is a key part of home heat recovery systems.  Inside the heat exchanger one medium (gas or liquid) is transferred to another.

Some of these heat exchangers are designed to collect heat from waste.  This is then reused and transferred to another medium.  These heat exchangers are known as recuperators.


How to tell if the heat exchanger is performing well:

A home heat recovery system should recover as much heat as possible in order for it to be working as efficiently as possible.  If not, this will cost you more in the long run.

The air coming from the heat exchanger must be about the same temperature as the air already in your home.  This will stop issues of draughts in the home.



The other major component of a home heat recovery system is the filter.  In each unit there are usually 2 filters.  Both filters have different functions.

The first filter is for fresh air from outside.  This is channelled into the bedrooms and living room.

The second filter extracts moist air from the bathrooms and kitchen.  This protects the heat exchanger from any damage.

Regular maintenance the filters are needed.  This is to ensure that your home heat recovery system is functioning at a high standard.

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