Green Gas looks set to be the Fuel of the Future

Green gas is steadily making headway in the UK as a second, certified supplier of 100% green gas joins the market.


Green gas is steadily making headway in the UK as a second, certified supplier of 100% green gas joins the market.

Ceres Energy is the second company to sign up to become a registered supplier of biomethane under the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS). Barrow Shipping, the first company to supply the gas within the UK, already supplies the Prince of Wales’ ecotwon of Poundbury in Dorset amongst others.

Biomethane, commonly described as green gas, is produced largely from organic matter such as food waste. The gas is created via a process of anaerobic digestion.

The scheme could become a realistic alternative to the fossil fuel gas we are currently extracting from the earth. Every unit of green gas put into the supply chain pushes out a unit of fossil fuel gas. However, the amount of green has currently available on the grid is very small and there is quite a way to go before this alternative fuel is available for domestic use.

Ecotricity says that it could be around two years before it is able to supply green gas tariffs to its customers.

In a report made this year, the National Grid predicted that in 2035 the best possible scenario would be that green gas making up only 70% of the gas in the grid that year.

Additionally, the government’s announcement last November that energy companies must limit their number of tariffs to just four meant that many were prompted to drop their green tariffs altogether, making the fight for a green gas supply all the more difficult to win.

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