Efficient Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

Find out how to heat your home without burning a hole in your pocket this winter season.

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Major utility providers will be upping their costs over the coming months. As the winter deepens, it becomes more and more of a priority to heat your home.  With Christmas and New Year just barely out of the way, you might need a helping hand keeping your home warm in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way, and this is no small task in today’s energy market.  Thankfully, we have compiled a list of helpful techniques to see you through the cold months ahead.

Insulation and Cost Saving Initiatives

It’s a sad fact that heating is very expensive and you may need to look at cutting other costs around your home to make your incomings and outgoings balance.  One thing you can do is look to see whether you are eligible for free loft insulation or a free boiler.  Both of these government-led initiatives are aimed at low earners who might find the energy squeeze challenging.  Similarly, you can also check to see whether you are due any benefits from the government through the Ellahi benefits calculator – don’t rule yourself out – you may surprise yourself by what you’re eligible for.

Heat Budgeting

A hard truth about heating is that the less you have it on, the less costly your bill will be.  Therefore, timing your heating to only be on when you really need it is crucial to a manageable bill.  In other words, in a morning, if you wake up at 7am, why have the heating on at 6?  You won’t feel the benefit and it’s actually bad for your skin, hair and general health.  Instead, turn it on quarter of an hour before you’re due to wake up and have it turn off quarter of an hour before you leave – anything else is waste.

Home DIY Solutions

When you have your heating on, it’s essential to know that it’s being put to good use.  Much of a home’s heating might be lost through defects in your home’s structure, so getting on top of these is essential to defending your home against heat loss.  For a start, you should place aluminium foil behind your radiators to bounce the heat back.  You could also create draft excluders to prevent cold air entering your heated rooms or, equally, to prevent hot air escaping.

Ultimately, heating your home doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive or inefficient affair, and by taking the right precautions, you can make sure that your home is heated when you need it to be.

Written by Tom Nelson

Image by Jo Marshall

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