So, Which Products really are eligible for Domestic RHI?

It might be best to hold off on installing any products until the final Domestic RHI criteria are released.

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An increasing number of people are becoming a little confused regarding which products will actually be eligible to claim for Domestic RHI (renewable heat incentive) when it comes into effect. It’s of little surprise that there is so much confusion, but here is what we know at the moment:

Are all MCS certified products eligible?

In short, the answer is that no they’re not. Additional criteria for domestic RHI are yet to be released, and won’t be seen until prior to the launch of the new RHI. It is not yet known when the list will appear, so a definitive answer regarding any products cannot yet be given.

Try holding off a little longer

A major concern is that plenty of people who intend to claim domestic RHI have already begun installing systems in anticipation of claiming when it finally comes into operation. However, there is no guarantee that these systems will be eligible to claim when the final list appears, no doubt just ahead of the scheme going live.

Log burning stoves

A lot of confusion seems to be based around log burning boiler stoves. Many of these products are able to claim for the renewable heat premium payments scheme (RHPP), and are MCS accredited, but they don’t meet the criteria set for the domestic RHI scheme back in July 2013.

In order for a biomass stove to be able to claim for domestic RHI, it must be fuelled by wood pellets and also must have a back boiler. Homeowners and installers who do meet these criteria should not need to worry, but it is worth remembering that there is a definite element of risk involved when fitted products before the final regulations have been decided upon by Parliament and all of the final details have been set.

There has most likely already been some work carried out in anticipation of receiving domestic RHI where it ultimately won’t be able to be claimed. A similar situation came about for those who fitted solar PV before 16 July 2009 under the impression that they would be able to claim a feed-in tariff and then found out that they would receive only the lowest of the rates. This can lead to some serious financial losses, so the best advice at the moment is to do your research and if you still aren’t sure, then it might be best to wait.

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