Log Store Plans: How to Build Your own log Store

I will show you two simple log store plans made from old or disused pallets. One is just a temporary design and the other is permanent. Cheap and effective

pallets are great for log store plans

There are many, many different log store plans on the Internet.  Most people will tend to buy a ready built log store for their garden, which is not a bad idea.  However, the price of a simple log store can range from £70 – £200.

Now, at the Green Home, we like to reduce, reuse and recycle (and save money as well).

I want to show you 2 simple log store plans that use old pallets for its structure.  Old wooden pallets are easy and cheap to come by.  Log store plans that use old pallets are just that little bit better on the environment.


Log store plans:

Circular log store plan:

Circular log store plans are by far and away the cheapest and easiest method to build your store.

All you need is:

  • A wooden pallet (more may be needed for your size requirements)
  • A tarpaulin sheet
  • Some large stones

Simply place your logs in a circular shape on the wooden pallet.  Build to a height of around 1.5m.  Then get a cheap sheet of tarpaulin to throw over the log store and place some large stones on the top.  This will stop rain getting through to the logs.

Circular log store plans are only a temporary solution.  You really should create something more permanent when you have the time and resources.


Pallet log store plan:

Pallet log store plans are easy to build and are more permanent.  It is a very good idea for you to partition the log store in two.  One side will contain your seasoned logs, and the other part is for logs that are being seasoned.

1. First use your pallets as a base.  You can place them directly on the ground.

2. Next you want to put in 4 corner posts into the ground.  Secure them with a mix of sand and cement.  If you don’t have a cement mixer I found this incredible video that shows you how to mix cement yourself in the traditional way.

3. The back of the log store needs to be covered with cross slats.  This allows good airflow through the store.

4. Fill in the roof gaps by overlapping dismantled lats from a pallet in a shiplap style.


Simple things to remember:

When coming up with any new log store plan there are 3 factors that you must consider.

I said right at the start of this article that there are many log store plans around the internet.  There is a great forum on Single Track World that should give you some inspiration on how to make more elaborate log stores.

And here is a great Youtube video you should check out too.

I would love to hear from you if you have built your own log store.  Please leave a comment with the process you followed.


Image: Mdornseif 


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