Biomass Boilers- Brands Explained

Our guide gives an insight into the leading manufacturers of biomass boilers to help you decide which one is right for your property.

biomass brands

If you’re new to the world of renewable heating, choosing which type of system to use to heat your home can be complicated enough. Then, to make matters worse, you have a wide range of different brands to consider before you find your perfect system. Which to choose? Our guide will give an insight into the leading manufacturers of biomass boilers to help you make the right decision.

 Tundra Wood Heating Systems

 Tundra Wood Heating Systems are well established in the UK as a leading biomass boiler manufacturer, boasting an impressive range of quality, cost effective wood burning boilers, all shown off in the UK’s largest showroom.

Tundra offer great customer service, with a team of dedicated engineers who will work to solve any problems. The company have strong links with the UK’s leading wood pellet manufacturer and will offer 1-3 year fixed-rate contracts to customers, allowing them a steady supply of fuel for their boilers at the best rates possible.

With over 15 models, covering a range of uses, from small, domestic appliances to those suited for large, industrial spaces, you’re sure to find the right wood burning boiler for your needs. For the average, medium-sized house, the Compact 14 14KW wood pellet boiler is a sure favourite, offering an impressive 4.4-18KW output, with surprisingly compact dimensions allowing it to fit comfortably into most households. With auto ignition, self clean and auto feed, the boiler is very low maintenance and easy to refill.

Other models include the CP28 with an output of 28 KWH and the CP40 with an output of 40 KWH. These models use microprocessors to allow for precise control at the touch of a button.

 Wood Energy UK

 Since 2002, Wood Energy UK have produced a comprehensive range of systems suitable for all environments, including an impressive system installation capable of generating up to 70,000 Kwh of output!

If you’re looking for a wood burning boiler for a larger domestic or smaller commercial environment, Wood Energy are well worth considering. As the exclusive distributors of leading Austrian biomass boiler companies Binder and Hargesser, you can certainly expect a quality installation. Wood Energy are able to install Hargasser boilers which range from 49-200 KW in output. With an impressive efficiency of 93% and functions including auto ignition, heat exchange, self cleaning and ash disposal, you’ll find their Hargasser systems to be easy to use, economical and energy efficient.

Wood Energy also have access to a range of Binder boilers, which have stood at the forefront of the biomass industry for 25 years. These boilers make a fantastic choice for anyone seeking large-scale, economical and efficient heating, and are capable of achieving an output of 10mW. Both the Eden Project and the National Trust use these large biomass boilers, proving their true economic and eco credentials.

 Colne Biomass Boilers

 If you prefer to deal with a smaller, more personal company, East Anglia-based Colne Biomass Boilers could be for you. Known for their superb customer service and after-sales care, they are also stockists for leading European biomass boiler manufacturers Janfire and Extraflame. These leading biomass systems are known for being efficient and cost effective, making them well worth considering.

Janfire- who have supplied biomass boilers in Europe since 1992, produce economical and user-friendly systems. Their Duoflame boiler has an output of 46KW and a 91% efficiency, making it a great all-rounder for larger domestic or smaller commercial environments. With a customisable hopper capacity from 145kg to 3.5 tonnes, you can adapt the system to your needs and to the amount of space you have.

For those looking for a high-tech solution to heat a larger premises, take a look at the Extraflame LP30. This system boasts an impressive 31KW output with a 94% efficiency. With auto ignition and an electronic, fully programmable display, this model is efficient and functional, with just a few mod-cons.

Whatever you require from your biomass boiler, these three leading brands all provide a wide range of quality systems which make heating your home with biomass a simple process with economical and environmentally friendly results.

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