The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

A quick guide to the main benefits of underfloor heating.

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The benefits of underfloor heating are plentiful, so it’s no wonder that underfloor heating systems are quickly climbing in popularity across the UK. Standard radiators and other inefficient systems are quite rapidly going out of fashion and making way for the more efficient, unobtrusive underfloor option.

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Running costs. This is one area where you can make quite a considerable saving. Typically, an underfloor heating system can be expected to generate a running costs saving of between 15% – 40% compared to the costs of a conventional radiator system.

Cheaper installation. In some situations, underfloor heating can actually be cheaper to install than a radiator system. Building underfloor heating into a new property with a screeded floor is cheaper than installing radiators later on. However, retrofitting can be expensive and systems are generally a little more costly. This is more than offset by the running cost savings.

Space saving. One of the great benefits of underfloor heating is what it does for the usability and aesthetics of a home. Rooms are opened up for decoration and furnishing without the need to worry about where the radiators are or will be fitted, and the unsightly wall-hung systems needn’t spoil your room’s homely look.

Comfort. Underfloor heating creates a much more comfortable heat than radiator systems as the warm air moves steadily up throughout the room rather than moving up to the ceiling and leaving cold spots as a radiator’s heat does.

Hygiene. For sufferers of any respiratory troubles or for anyone who wants to live in a cleaner environment, underfloor heating is the perfect option. It helps to reduce house dust mites as the moisture content in the floor becomes too low for the mites to inhabit it.

Ease of control. Underfloor heating systems are controlled by room. Each room is fitted with a thermostat which enables that room to be set to a unique desired temperature.

Ease of maintenance. Unlike a radiator system, underfloor heating has no joints beneath the floor. All of the pipework or cabling returns to the manifold, allowing for very easy maintenance as all of the connections are located there.

Warm Floors. The most easily felt of the benefits of underfloor heating is the lovely warmth underfoot. This means that even floor coverings which might be thought of as cold, such as tiles or slates, can be perfectly comfortable and warm to walk upon.

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