8 New Uses for Old Flip Flops

Have a go at these great uses for old flip flops, which can save them from adding to landfill sites as well as coming in handy around the home.

uses for old flip flops

Once the summer comes to an end, most of us have at least one pair of worn, tired-looking flip flops. But before you throw them away, have a go at these great uses for old flip flops, which can save them from adding to landfill sites as well as coming in handy around the home.

Floor protectors

Foam and rubber flip flops are perfect for use as floor protectors to put under heavy furniture. Cut them into small pieces and place under the legs of heavy chairs, tables, cabinets etc to prevent the scratching of wooden floors.

Flip flops can also be used to level wobbly furniture and appliances around the home.


Flip flops made from foam and rubber can be shredded and used for stuffing a number of crafts that can be used around the home. Use the finest shred for stuffing cushions or stuffed toys, or use chunkier pieces of foam for filling draught excluders or heavy doorstops.

Collecting pet hair

The grippy texture of rubber flip flops helps them to make an easy task of collecting pet hair. Simply wear a rubber flip flop on your hand and sweep across floors, sofas and duvet covers, picking up and lifting clumps of pet hair from the surface, making it far easier to vacuum.

Clean surfaces

A clean, straight cut edge of a foam flip flop makes a great makeshift squeegee. Use to scrape away excess soap and water when cleaning windows or work surfaces around the house to leave them sparkling.

Simple doorstop

The thin, pliable nature of foam and rubber flip flops makes them great for sticking into small cracks to keep things still. A flip flop wedged underneath a door makes a simple and cost effective doorstop. In a similar way, wedge a whole, or part of a flip flop into the space in a window pane to stop old windows from rattling in the wind, as well as significantly reducing draughts.

Painting with the kids

The foam and rubber commonly used to make flip flops is ideal for craft projects with children. One of the most creative uses for old flip flops is to wash them, then cut out a variety of shapes that your kids can dip into paint or ink and use as stamps. Many flip flops have interesting treads and textures on them, allowing them to make great patterns when printed onto paper. Try keeping a pair fully intact to let them experiment with footprint patterns. Printing with flip flops is great on a large sheet of paper, or try using your newly made stamps to liven up an old box or piece of furniture.

Indoor footwear all year round

Your old flip flops might no longer be suitable for wearing outside, but they can make a great piece of lightweight, casual indoor footwear. Stuff inside a pair of thick, oversized socks to make a cosy winter slipper, or wear to protect freshly painted toenails.


If your flip flops seem beyond reuse, consider sending them to be recycled. One of the most effective and eco friendly ways to get rid of old flip flops is to send them to Ocean Sole, an organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, who commission locals to produce everything from small crafts to big, beautiful sculptures from old flip flops. The scheme allows locals a form of income, as well as helping to reduce the worrying levels of discarded flip flops which make their way into the planets seas and oceans.

Image sourced: www.wikimedia.org

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