Tame Frizz and Restore Shine with a Coconut Oil Hair Mask

A coconut oil hair mask can help to restore its natural shine, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

coconut oil

It’s amazing what you can use coconut oil for when it comes to health, beauty and pampering. This natural, creamy product can become your go-to moisturiser, eye makeup remover, or shaving cream, saving you money and packaging. Take a look at the full list and you’ll find it difficult to think of  something that coconut oil can’t do! One of the greatest properties of pure coconut oil is its intense moisturising ability, particularly on the hair. Daily washing, blow drying and styling can quickly take its toll on your locks, leaving them dry, damaged and frizzy. A coconut oil hair mask can help to restore its natural shine, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

How to make a coconut oil hair mask

Using coconut oil as a hair mask is unbelieveably simple, since coconut oil is the only ingredient you need- it even comes with its own naturally tropical scent, why would you ever need anything else?

Some handy things you may wish to use when making your mask:

  • a microwave safe container

  • hand bands or large clips

  • a brush or wide tooth comb

  • a shower cap or a roll of cling film

When opening your jar of coconut oil for the first time, you’ll notice that it isn’t like other oils. At 76 degrees and below, it is a solid, and will appear as a white, creamy substance. To make it easier to run through your locks, add a generous scoop to your microwave safe container and heat for 10 seconds. Once heated, stir to remove any large lumps and the oil will be ready to use.

Separate your hair into sections (2 usually works well) and begin to slather the oil from about halfway, right down to the tips. Don’t add any oil to your roots, your hair will end up greasy and lank!

Use a wide toothed comb or a hairbrush to distribute the oil evenly throughout your hair, then use hair bands or clips to pull it all onto the top of your head. You can now cover your hair with a shower cap, or wrap it in cling film to keep all the oily goodness in whilst it nurtures your hair.

After 30 minutes to an hour, remove the shower cap or clingfilm and the hair clips. Rinse your hair in the shower, running it through with the wide toothed comb to remove excess oil. Finish off with a thorough wash with your favourite organic shampoo before rinsing completely and towel drying as normal.

Brush your hair and allow it to air dry, adding heat will dry your hair and only undo all of the hard work you’ve just put in!

 This coconut oil hair mask is perfect for improving and maintaining your hair’s health. If you can see your locks are suffering, try it 2-3 times a week until you see an improvement. Even those of you with healthy hair can use it to give it a boost from time to time, which will help your hair to stand up to heat, pollution or whatever else life may throw at it.

Image sourced: Phu Thinh Co

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