Review- Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Face Wash

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral face wash contains a long list of bioactive ingredients. I gave it a try to see if it would improve my combination skin’s overall complexion.

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Finding a face wash that is truly suitable for “combination skin” is difficult. It always seems to be a trade off between removing the excess oil which causes spots, and nurturing delicate, dry patches which are often left feeling tight and sore. Reading the long list of natural, nurturing ingredients in Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral face wash, it looked as if I’d found a product which would finally strike the balance. With sea minerals to draw out toxins, and aloe vera to heal and nourish, I felt this must be a product which would keep both of my skin’s “personalities” happy. And so far, I think I’m right.


Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral face wash is a soothing gel treatment which is 100% organic and packed with an impressive list of bioactive ingredients including:

  • dead sea mineral salt

  • aloe vera juice

  • bladderwrack extract

  • orange fruit oil

  • pine needle oil

  • thyme flower oil

  • spearmint oil

  • vitamin C

Despite being organic and free of artificial foaming agents, Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral face wash foams up very well with warm water, meaning only a small amount needs to be used. The wash feels beautifully light weight on the skin and rinses off without feelings of residue, leaving it feeling nothing but fresh and clean. After patting dry, the clean feeling remains, but without the dry, tight feeling that so often occurs when using conventional “deep cleansing” products.

After 3 weeks of use, my skin feels naturally more comfortable- not too oily and not too dry or tight. Finally, it seems I’ve found a kind of facial equilibrium! While my chin is still prone to a few spots, they feel much more under control and I can rest assured knowing that there’s no need to reach for anything stronger to help clear them.

While excess oil now feels easier to control, so to does the dryness and redness that I would occasionally find on my neck and forehead. Aloe vera, kelp and bladderwrack extracts are well known for their deep moisturising properties, with seaweed’s gelatinous consistency also helping to improve the skin’s elasticity.

The combined power of purifying sea salts and nourishing natural moisturisers makes the face wash perfect for those with dry or ageing skin, and equally, those with an excessively oily complexion. In fact, anyone who wants to give their face a detox should find Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral wash to be just what they’re looking for.

A 200ml tube of Dead Sea Mineral face wash is available from Holland and Barrett for £7.89 making it good value for money considering how many essential minerals it contains! To all those with combination skin feeling they’ve been forgotten about by the world of skin care, I’d strongly recommend you give this product a try.

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