The Amazing Benefits of Exfoliation

Mary-Anne Mills of Heavenly Organics skincare talks to us about the benefits of exfoliation.


I love exfoliating! Exfoliating makes me feel so good inside and out and it’s no wonder when you consider its benefits. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is constantly renewing itself. The skin performs a variety of functions including: protection, temperature control, excretion & production of vitamin D. In order to perform these functions properly, the skin needs to breathe. Dead skin cells are shed through the process of new skin cell generation. A fair amount of these skin cells will remain on the surface of the skin, whilst some will get washed away. These dead skin cells can clog up the pore and stop the skin from breathing.


Some customers say to me they can’t exfoliate/scrub because they have dry skin but in fact, as I tell them, they most definitely need to exfoliate. There is no point layering on moisturisers if you have dry skin as all you are doing is attempting to hydrate dead skin cells. You need to remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating so you can then moisturise the fresh skin underneath!


Exfoliating helps rejuvenate & smooth the skin. The action of exfoliating helps stimulate new cell production & blood flow so it’s a healthy thing to do for your body! After exfoliating, your moisturiser will be more effective as it will penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin.

By exfoliating before shaving, you will be removing all the dead skin cells and therefore will get a much closer shave. It will also help prevent in-growing hairs.


I have many customers who come to me for advice on their problem, spotty skin. Using a facial scrub will help unclog the blocked pores which lead to blackheads and pimples when oil becomes trapped beneath the skin surface. I have had reports back of a complete transformation in customers’ skin following use of our facial scrubs. Spots and blackheads have disappeared completely.


I would recommend exfoliating once to twice per week. It is possible to over-exfoliate and cause damage to your skin. We don’t want this to happen! Using an exfoliator/scrub that contains oils is a perfect combination. Whilst you are rubbing the scrub in, you are also massaging in the oils which will be able to reach deeper into your skin and really nourish and feed it. The oils will remain after rinsing the exfoliator and continue to moisturise. There are plenty of chemical laden scrubs on the market but I urge you to read the labels very carefully (including the ones that make claims of organic or natural as they are not always as pure as they may lead you to believe). Because of the nature of exfoliating, it is important that what you are using to clean out your pores is chemical free as it is reaching deeper into your skin. When I first launched Heavenly Organics Skin Care, I began with three body scrubs. I now have nearly thirty different products but the body scrubs are still my favourite as they genuinely make me feel better, psychologically as well as physically! Some people refer to our range of products are ‘beauty products’. I say they are skincare products, ones which perform a function, it’s not about beauty; it’s about care!


Mary-Anne Mills

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Heavenly Organics Skin Care

Edited by Helen Kinsella

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