How to Beat Dark Circles and Eye Bags

If you have eye bags or dark circles, it might be time to take a look at your diet and lifestyle, as well as trying out a number of refreshing home remedies


If you’ve been running on empty for days on end, chances are your eyes will say it all. Just as they are said to be the “window to the soul”, your eyes can be a clear give away of your energy and stress levels as well as your general health. If you have eye bags or dark circles, it might be time to take a look at your diet and lifestyle, as well as trying a couple of natural home remedies which can help to give your eyes a refreshing uplift.

 Sleep and energy levels

 A lack of sleep combined with a stressful or busy lifestyle is one of the most common causes for puffy eye bags or dark circles. It’s important to make time for a sufficient night’s sleep- aim for 8 hours or more. If insomnia is the cause for your lack of sleep, take a look at our article filled with advice on how to drift off, naturally.

 Food allergies

 One of the lesser known causes for dark circles and eye bags is an intolerance to certain foods. Finding out if you suffer from allergies isn’t always straightforward and usually involves a lot of trial and error. If you find that getting enough sleep does nothing to improve your eye’s condition, try cutting out wheat products from your diet for a week, including pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits etc, and see if your condition improves. It is also worth trying the same method with dairy products to find out if they are the cause of your problem. Food allergies trigger the body’s inflammatory response, which is responsible for skin puffiness around the eyes.


 Much like the food allergies mentioned above, certain additives in food can trigger an inflammatory response which leads to dark or puffy eyes. Try sticking to raw, unprocessed and organic foods and completely eliminating those that are processed. If you see an improvement, you may want to continue leaving these foods out of your diet for good. Cutting back on processed foods containing additives may also help you to have a better night’s sleep, which can also help to improve the condition of your eyes.

 Check your eye products

 It could be that a particular cosmetic or eye product is causing your skin’s puffiness. Try to pin point when your skin looks at its worst, and see if it corresponds with you using a certain product. If you have your suspicions, ditch that product and either find an alternative or go without. Even natural or organic skin care and cosmetics can be responsible for triggering flare ups, so always take care with the products you use.

 Drink plenty of water

 Dehydration can be a cause of puffy or dark eyes due to the excess levels of salt in this part of the body. Eating salty food can very quickly cause puffy eyes to become worse. To prevent this, make sure you drink several glasses of water a day, especially after salty meals. Drinking water helps to flush out the high concentrations of salt and should help the swelling to ease.


Making sure you get plenty of regular exercise is an important way to reduce puffiness and stop it from reoccurring. A brisk walk, a run or a swim helps to improve circulation around the body, allowing the lymph nodes to drain away any pockets of excess fluid.

 Remedies to try at home

 There are a number of natural remedies for puffy eyes using ingredients you can usually find in your cupboard.

  • Brew a pot of camomile tea using two tea bags. Once used, give them a slight squeeze and allow them to cool. Place the cool tea bags on your eyes and leave for a few minutes to feel their soothing effects. Drinking the camomile tea should also help you to relax and drift off into a comfortable night’s sleep, which can also help to reduce puffy eyes.

  • Cut a couple of slices of potato and place straight on the eyes. Lay back and enjoy the cooling effects for a few minutes. Raw potato isn’t just naturally cool and moist, it also contains an enzyme which helps to reduce skin puffiness.

  • The old classic- 2 slices of cucumber placed on the eyes helps to deliver moisture to the skin instantly, and reduce puffiness with its natural coolness.

Using make up

 If using concealer to cover up eye bags or dark circles, use a light, organic cream concealer to minimise your exposure to unwanted chemicals. Dab on a thin layer with a clean finger until it has blended in. Don’t pull, rub or drag at the skin as this can stretch it and make it lose elasticity.

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