Eco Friendly Anniversary Gifts- Wool

Wool products make truely eco friendly anniversary gifts to mark 7 years of wedded bliss

organic wool

For a truly eco friendly anniversary gift for your 7th year of married bliss, try a product made from organic wool, a versatile, comfortable material that creates minimal environmental impact.

Better for the environment

Wool gifts are traditional for the 7th wedding anniversary. While woollen gifts have been popular for years, choosing organic wool is vital for ensuring your gift is eco friendly. Wool that has been certified as organic by the Soil Association is free from chemical dips, dyes and pesticides which can subsequently pollute local water systems. Animals who produce the wool are also required to graze on organically certified pastures and fed organic livestock feed, which minimizes the impact of grazing animals upon the whole local ecosystem. It also ensures healthy and ethical living conditions for the livestock, meaning an eco friendly product produced by happy, healthy animals.

Better for the wearer

Organic wool products make beautiful gifts. Many farms who specialize in organic wool also produce unique crafts and clothing, unlike what you would find for sale on the average high street.

Organic wool also makes perfect eco friendly anniversary gifts for those who suffer from allergies which are often triggered by the chemical treatment of non-organic wool, ie bleaches, scours and drenches. Instead, the wool is allowed to keep its natural colour and properties, leaving it as nature intended. Natural dyes can also be used, which dye the wool with natural pigments found in plant extracts.

Organic wool products are usually made to be durable and long lasting, making worthwhile gifts and reducing the chance of them ending up as waste. The high quality of the wool also lends itself well to being recycled, so a worn out jumper can easily be given new life with a needle and thread.

An organic item of woollen clothing can make a versatile and comfortable garment. Wool is naturally thermally insulating, meaning it can help you keep warm in winter but be breathable enough for summer wear. It is also a naturally flame retardant fibre, free from all petroleum products, meaning there is no need for flame retardant coating to be added.

Where to buy organic wool?

Many small farms now specialize in organic wool. Often, these will sell wool products manufactured locally, although others will just sell wool ready to be knitted into your own designs. If you are skilled with knitting needles, try making your own organic wool anniversary gift for your loved one. If not, try local craft centres or look online for independent knitwear. With the range of natural dyes ever increasing, it is now becoming easier to find attractive and eye catching organic knitwear that anyone can enjoy, and wool products as eco friendly anniversary gifts have never been more popular.

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