Eco Friendly Anniversary Gifts- Wood

Wooden gifts can make attractive, long lasting and eco friendly anniversary gifts.

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Your 5th wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to give your spouse a beautiful, eco friendly wooden gift. While buying items crafted from wood often requires a little attention to the timber’s source in order to ensure responsible treatment of the world’s forests, wooden products can make attractive, long lasting and eco friendly anniversary gifts.

Sustainable timber

Buying sustainable timber is vital in ensuring a minimal environmental impact. Huge areas of forest are cut down around the world every day to keep up with global demand for building products, wooden furniture and other items. While wood is a natural and biodegradable product, its environmental impact can still be huge when sourced irresponsibly. Be aware of wood sourced from tree plantations, which often use large amounts of water to grow.

When looking for sustainable wooden products as eco friendly anniversary gifts, look for accreditation from the Forest Stewardship Council, who approve timber sourced from forested areas which are well looked after and have their tree population maintained. Don’t be afraid to ask manufacturers of wooden furniture, utensils or ornaments about the source of their timber, if they choose eco friendly materials, they should be more than happy to tell you about them.

Recycled timber

Many independent craftspeople choose to use recycled timber to produce unique and interesting wooden items. Choosing recycled wood means a reduction in demand on new timber being cut down, whilst keeping unwanted wooden items out of the waste stream. Recycled wooden crafts can make beautiful gifts and are often one-of-a-kind. Recycled wooden crafts can be found on a variety of websites as well as independent craft centres.

For an extra special gift, you could try crafting your own ornament from recycled wood. A number of courses now run around the country to show you the basics of woodwork with an eco friendly twist. You can make crafts from recycled wood including driftwood, fallen branches and unwanted furniture.

Upcycled gifts

Upcycling wooden items is another great way of turning them from unwanted objects to attractive gifts. Old wooden furniture is especially good for upcycling projects, and a table or chair previously destined for landfill can receive a new lease of life, making a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary. Try one of the many courses now running on how to use just a few crafting skills to breathe new life into an old, unwanted wooden item.

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