Eco Friendly Anniversary Gifts- Leather

Here are a few tips to finding great leather products that make perfect eco friendly anniversary gifts.

leather gifts

Leather is a popular material for any special gift and its durable nature means it will often last a lifetime. Traditionally, leather has been given as a 3rd wedding anniversary gift, a tradition that many couple still wish to follow. But leather is also well known as one of the least environmentally friendly materials available, thanks to a chemical-filled process called tanning. Here are a few tips to finding great leather products that make perfect eco friendly anniversary gifts.

Buy quality

The leather manufacturing process may be notorious in the eyes of environmentalists worldwide, but many leather items are very high quality and long-lasting. Buying leather items which will last for years means less of a drain on natural resources over a longer period, and an item which will stay out of the waste stream for far longer than cheaper counterparts. Wallets, jackets, gloves and handbags are all items which make great gifts and can be made to a superb quality, making them long-lasting and meaningful gifts.

Try second hand

Because leather can be so durable and long-lasting, it is often possible to find great leather products second hand. Have a look online on websites like ebay and Preloved, or look through your local charity shops. Leather lends itself perfectly to classic, vintage items and has even been said to improve with age, so you may just find yourself a beautifully aged item at a bargain. Buying second hand keeps unwanted items out of the waste stream and lowers the demand on new resources, making second hand items perfect as eco friendly anniversary gifts.

Faux leather

If your spouse shares the same environmental views that you do, they may prefer to receive a gift made from vinyl or faux leather. Faux leather is now becoming a popular alternative to leather as a vegan friendly material. Whilst still a form of plastic, which remains a less-than-environmentally friendly material to manufacture, many of the harmful byproducts of the tanning process used by the leather industry are removed. Faux leather is commonly used to manufacture all of the same items traditionally made from leather- wallets and purses, handbags, shoes, jackets, gloves and belts. If choosing an animal-free product is important to you, faux leather is a good option, making an eco friendly anniversary gift whilst still retaining the classic leather look that is so popular in fashion.

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