Eco Friendly Anniversary Gifts- Fruit and Flowers

Organic fruit and flowers can make beautiful eco friendly anniversary gifts after 4 years of marriage.

fruit and flowers

Traditionally, the wedding anniversary gift for the 4 year wedding anniversary is fruit and flowers, making this anniversary the perfect opportunity to give some truly eco friendly anniversary gifts.


Fruit can be a beautifully simple and natural gift, however, much of the fruit in our supermarkets is flown around the world to keep up with the demand for certain fruits all year round. Instead of buying fruits with a high level of food miles, choose in season, locally produced and organic fruit. This ensures that it is grown without the use of pesticides and keeps the emissions generated through transportation low. Try visiting a local farm to see their range of fruit, it often allows you a greater choice of fruit available and allows your money to go directly to the farmer who grew it. Many fruit farms allow visitors to come and pick their own fruit, allowing you to put plenty of love and meaning into your gift!

Jams, chutneys and preserves are a good way of turning fruit into meaningful, eco friendly anniversary gifts. A good jam will last for a few months, minimizes the wastage of any fruit picked and makes a delicious and versatile gift for a wedding anniversary.


Flowers have long been given as gifts and romantic gestures. If you decide to give a gift using flowers for your forth wedding anniversary, make it an eco friendly gift by purchasing locally grown, organic flowers. Like fruit, flowers are commonly flown overseas to keep up with our demand for exotic flora. Even more of a problem are the huge-scale “flower factories” which consume enormous levels of energy and water to grow flowers to keep up with global demand.

With such a wide range of flowers available, many people forget how many beautiful plants grow in the UK, even in our own back gardens. To keep your anniversary gift eco friendly, buy cut flowers from local farms who grow them organically. This reduces the environmental cost of transporting them overseas, as well as the benefit of growing without the use of pesticides. Even better, substitute cut flowers for a house or garden plant, which will continue to bloom for years, giving a much more long-lasting gift.

Wildflowers deliver a splash of colour to any patch of land, making an eye catching gift which attracts bees and butterflies to your garden. Seed grenades make fun gifts which let you grow wildflowers on any patch of land with ease, and will continue to reward you, and much of your garden’s wildlife, for years to come.

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