The Poetree Urn- a New Look at Cremation

Green burial practices are always evolving, and now, the ashes of you or your loved one can be turned into a lasting, living memorial with a new gadget, the Poetree Urn.

poetree urn

Green burials have been rising in popularity in recent years, with many keen to choose one of the more eco friendly end-of-life options available. While cremation may not initially appear to be an environmentally friendly choice after you die, steps are being taken to reduce the carbon emissions generated by this practice. Now, the ashes of your loved one can be turned into a lasting, living memorial with a new gadget, the Poetree Urn.

The Poetree Urn consists of two things- a ceramic urn, engraved with the name and details of the deceased, and a boxwood sapling, which comes contained in a biodegradable, cardboard pot. The pot, containing the soil and nutrients needed for the tree to grow, is planted in the urn amongst the ashes, commencing the growth of a new life. Once planted, the pot begins to disintegrate, allowing the tree’s roots to spread. As the tree grows bigger, it can be moved, along with the ceramic urn, to an outside spot. When planted in the ground, the urn remains as a ceramic ring around the base of the tree, allowing it to stand as a living memorial to the deceased.

Emotional support

The Poetree urn helps to make the end-of-life process more environmentally friendly, whilst also providing a certain amount of emotional support during the period of mourning. The stages of the tree’s growth can be likened to the stages of the mourning process, and the idea of something growing from the ashes can be seen as a comforting metaphor for eternal life which many mourners find comforting. Having the responsibility to care for a new, living thing has been considered to be a healthy and therapeutic way to cope with loss.

Simple, natural process

The Poetree Urn was designed with simplicity in mind, and removes many of the overblown concepts associated with death, focussing instead on the part death plays in the natural cycle of life. With its clean, white, ceramic marker and the fresh, delicate sapling that it houses, it brings the idea of death back to its roots as a vital part of renewal. While loss and mourning are things which we all cope with in different ways, the idea of death as a return to nature is one that the majority of people share in one way or another.

The Poetree urn was created initially as a design concept, but with the popularity of the idea growing and being spread across the internet, it is surely only a matter of time before bringing home your loved one’s ashes in a Poetree Urn and watching something beautiful grow from their remains is a possibility.

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