Learn the Facts about Green Burials

Know the facts about green burials to see if they can benefit you, your family and the environment in times of mourning.

green burial

Finding out about green burials can be daunting, but not only are they a way of making a funeral more environmentally friendly, they also help to cut expenses and create a more simple and meaningful service without the extra fuss. Know the facts about green burials to see if they can benefit you, your family and the environment in times of mourning.


With funeral costs ever-increasing, choosing a green burial allows you to cut back on unnecessary extras and instead have an outdoor service that is simple and meaningful. Many mourners, regardless of their environmental views, prefer a small-scale ceremony which allows time for reflection. This makes a green burial both an economical choice and an option for a more peaceful and intimate service.


Green burials take place in some spectacular areas of woodland across the UK. This allows the burial ceremony to be peaceful and tranquil, allowing time for reflection. It also makes the burial site a beautiful place to come and visit the grave of your loved one.

Natural grave markers

Unlike a conventional burial, a green burial leaves you with the opportunity for planting natural grave markers, which provide great places to come and visit the deceased. While conventional headstones can involve a lot of hard work to maintain, a tree, bush or patch of wildflowers is a low maintenance  marker which helps to contribute to the health and diversity of the area.


A green burial removes the majority of the fuss and expense of conventional funerals. With a green funeral, there is no need to use multiple venues, removing the need for excessive transport, and the natural woodland backdrop removes the need for decoration, flowers, candles or other traditional decorations.

Natural coffins

In a green burial, a traditional wooden coffin is replaced with one made form cardboard, wool, cloth, bamboo, willow or another natural material. Not only are these materials cheaper than a traditional coffin, they also speed up the decomposition process, allowing both the coffin and the body to biodegrade into the ground. These lightweight coffins made from biodegradable materials are also free of the wood stains and varnishes commonly used in traditional coffins, which can add harsh chemicals into soil and water sourced. Cardboard coffins can be decorated with drawings and writing, making them a more personal as well as a more eco friendly choice.

Preparation for burial

One of the key ways in which green burial is truly eco friendly is the way in which the body is prepared for burial. In recent years, a cocktail of enbalming chemicals have been used to treat the corpse before burial, including formaldehyde- a known carcinogen.  A green burial ensures the body is free of toxic preservatives, meaning that its return into nature is free of negative side effects.

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