Improving Air Quality in your Eco Nursery

Maintaining a good air quality is vital when creating an eco nursery for your baby. A baby’s skin, lungs and other organs are all delicate and sensitive to external factors such as paint fumes and pollution, with some synthetic paint components being linked to health issues in later life.

improving air quality in your eco nursery

Dispensing of your old, synthetic paints and paint strippers and turning to eco friendly decorating products is one of the best ways of improving air quality in your eco nursery. Eco friendly paints are made from a blend of plant and mineral based ingredients and don’t contribute harmful fumes into the air. However, if using these paints isn’t always possible, or if other factors are affecting the air quality in your eco nursery, there are other ways of creating a more neutral and healthy atmosphere for your baby to breathe.


Air with a high humidity can harbour dust mites and other allergens which can trigger eczema, asthma and other allergies.

You can reduce humidity in your eco nursery by:

  • Keeping the whole house well ventilated- opening windows when cooking or showering prevents water vapour from building up inside

  • Drying clothes outside- prevents water from evaporating into the indoor atmosphere. If using a tumble dryer, ensure the venting pipe leads to an outdoor area.

  • Fixing any leaking plumbing- mold will quickly grow in damp areas which can cause respiratory infections, particularly in infants.

Stop smoking

Smoking around your children is one of the most harmful things you can do to their health, which can leave them with conditions that can affect them throughout their whole lifetime. Second hand smoke can expose your child to more than 4000 chemicals which can trigger ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma, cancer and be a factor in infant sudden death syndrome (SIDS). Keeping your whole household smoke free is vital to maintaining a good air quality suitable for bringing up a child, and keeping the air fresh in their eco nursery.


The floor of your eco nursery can play a large part in the room’s air quality. Whether you have a wooden or carpeted floor, it is important to keep it dust free. If your eco nursery is carpeted, ensure to vacuum regularly, ideally once a week, to reduce levels of allergens and dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions in your baby. Using a high suction vacuum with a HEPA filter helps to reduce concentrations of pollen, pet hair, dust and dust mites, as well as concentrations of lead and fire-retardant chemicals which can cause more serious health problems.

If your eco nursery has a hard wooden floor, it is easier to maintain a fresher atmosphere in the room. Regular vacuuming and mopping helps to reduce levels of allergens which can be harboured in dust and other particles. Mopping with clean water is all your need to pick up any extra dust or hairs, with microfibre mops using moisture and static fibres to allow particles to cling to them.

Keeping a foot mat at the entrance of your nursery allows excess dirt and chemicals to be removed from the feet before entering the nursery, however, it is often more effective to remove shoes at the front door to reduce dust and dirt levels throughout the entire house.

Natural Cleaning

Keeping your eco nursery clean is important in reducing the risk of health problems in your child. However, synthetic cleaners can emit VOCs which can cause health problems. When cleaning your eco nursery, use fragrance-free products or ideally, organic cleaning products which allow you to keep your eco nursery clean naturally without resorting to harsh, chemical cleaners.

House plants can also be used to naturally filter and clean the air, promoting a healthier atmosphere for your baby.

Image sourced: Gregory Chittim

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