Frugi- Eco Friendly Clothes for our Youngest Generations

Environmentally conscious mum, Sophia Gill shares her views on the eco friendly baby clothing company, Frugi.

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We already know that it only takes small changes to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and something as simple as choosing where we buy our clothing from can really make a big difference.

Until becoming a mum myself, I’d never considered that the clothes we choose would contribute to a number of issues. From allergies and eczema being triggered by chemicals in the fabric, to the impact cheap cotton has on the farmers around the world – I didn’t want to leave our planet in a worse state for future generations, and naturally I want the very best for my daughter.

We live in such a throwaway society that when we stumble upon a company who make products to last, it can often be a welcome surprise. The organic, baby-clothing brand Frugi are one such company, based in Cornwall, Great Britain.

Frugi started life making clothes to fit over washable cloth nappies, and this is how I first discovered the brand. However, it was the quality and eco-friendliness of Frugi that turned me into a loyal customer, and made me realise just how much we sacrifice by our consumer need for ‘cheaper’.

Fair manufacture

I was impressed to learn that Frugi only employ factory workers who are over 19 years old, and always ensure that everyone works decent hours and receive a fair salary for the job they do. Not many of us would consider where our clothes are made or the condition of the factory they come from, but the recent tragedy at a garment factory in Bangladesh was a terrible reminder to the Western world of the price other people are paying. Frugi recognise this worldwide problem and work hard to be different – and customers only love them all the more for it.

It’s quite rare to find a brand that are also so dedicated to giving back, and I’m impressed that Frugi commit to donating 1% of their turnover to environmental charities. This is regardless of any profit they make, which is quite an admiral pledge by any business in today’s fairly selfish market.

Frugi AW13 GIRLS Frugi  Eco Friendly Clothes for our Youngest Generations

Long-lasting quality

Whilst a new Frugi outfit might cost more than the equivalent supermarket buy, these clothes are clearly made to last. My daughter’s Frugi items have all washed brilliantly and will easily last for any future siblings (and then some). Rather than being faced with mis-shapen vests that will likely end up in an ever-growing mountain of rubbish, I like knowing that these clothes can be passed on for years to come. This just makes perfect sense to me, and I’d rather have a smaller number of well-made, quality items than hoards of clothes that barely get used.

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By Sophia Gill | @101Distractions

Edited by Helen Kinsella

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