Eco Baby Guide

By switching to eco baby care you can reduce your household’s waste output and make parenthood an overall more green experience.

green baby guide

Having a baby brings dramatic changes to any household. Nappies, toys and toiletries are all significant contributors to household waste and their disposal can lead to the pollution of waterways and the growth of landfill sites. By making a few changes in your shopping habits and following this eco baby guide, you can reduce your household’s waste output and make parenthood an overall more green experience.

Organic Baby Clothes

A baby’s clothes spend so much time in contact with their delicate skin that it is essential that they are light, breathable and most importantly, chemical free. A variety of natural and sustainable fabrics are available as alternatives to cotton and synthetic fibres which are comfortable and have a minimal environmental impact.

Organic Baby Food

Organic food doesn’t have to be limited to just adult food. Babies can also enjoy delicious and varied organic produce in their baby food. By either making your own or buying organic pre made food, you can ensure your baby will enjoy all the benefits of organic food in the same way that you do.

Eco friendly baby toys

Children’s toys make up a significant portion of household waste in the western world, making them a large environmental burden. There have also been health concerns over the plastics used in certain toys. By being more environmentally aware when buying toys for your child, you can minimize the carbon emissions they create, as well as ensuring your child has safe, toxin-free toys to play with.


Nappies prove to be one of the largest current environmental burdens, with billions added to landfill sites each year. However, reusable alternatives which take inspiration from nappies of previous generations are growing in popularity and can dramatically cut the household waste that is generated from having a baby.

Natural skincare

Your baby’s skin is one of the most delicate things you’ll ever have to look after, so naturally, keeping it safe from toxins and harsh chemicals is vital. Using an organic skincare routine on your baby will help keep their skin clean, healthy and comfortable.

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