Creating an Eco Nursery

Creating a nursery for an baby’s arrival can be an exciting and rewarding project. With many decorating products and furnishings containing harmful chemicals, it is important to choose the right materials and products to avoid harming yourself, your baby or the environment.

creating an eco nursery

Decorating your eco nursery


When finding out you have a baby on the way, most couples can’t wait to start preparing a room to use as a nursery when the little one arrives. But the redecorating process isn’t always a healthy or eco friendly one. Paints, wallpapers and other substances can all have harmful effects on the human body, particularly on newborn babies and expectant mothers. When decorating a room for your baby, it is important to minimize the use of harmful chemicals and solvents found in paints and wallpapers to provide clean air for your baby’s delicate lungs.


Improving air quality


Maintaining a good air quality is vital when creating an eco nursery for your baby. A baby’s skin, lungs and other organs are all delicate and sensitive to external factors such as paint fumes and pollution, with certain synthetic paint components being linked to health issues in later life. By choosing eco friendly products and avoiding products containing VOCs, you can create a fresh and healthy atmosphere for your baby to breathe.




When furnishing your eco nursery, it is important not to introduce any potentially harmful chemicals into the atmosphere which can be breathed in by your baby and absorbed through their skin. Mattresses, sofas and carpets can all harbour allergens which can trigger skin inflammation and asthma, with furniture paints and fire retardant coatings also contributing to the levels of harmful chemicals that can be found within items of furniture.


Choosing an eco friendly cot


Choosing a cot for your eco nursery can involve a lot of decisions. Should you buy second hand? Or buy new but long lasting? And which materials are the healthiest for your baby? By assessing the healthiest and most sustainable materials, you should be able to make an informed decision on which cot is best for your eco nursery.

Image sourced: Lars Plougmann

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