Buying a Pram Sustainably

Follow these tips to make buying a pram as sustainable as possible and keep its environmental impact low.

buying a pram

If you’re expecting your first child, buying a pram or push chair may well be high on your list of essential baby accessories to buy. A good pram will undoubtedly make life as a parent easier, but with their many components made from metal, plastic and treated fabric, not to mention the transportation, energy and labour involved, it’s hard to make buying a pram a “green” purchase. Follow these tips to make buying a pram as sustainable as possible and keep its environmental impact low.

 Do your research

 A pram or pushchair isn’t a purchase to rush into. Buying the wrong model for your needs might see you having to buy a second or even a third one as your child grown bigger and your needs change. Many prams can be customised for different uses as your child grows, increasing their working life. It is worth researching if the model you are interested in has any of these customisable features- many prams and pushchairs can now be used from birth until the child is 3 years old, making them a worthy investment.

 Other important factors to consider include:

  • Size- can it fit comfortably in your house and car?

  • Simplicity- how fiddly is it to operate and will this stop you using it?

  • Quality- will is survive the wear and tear of everyday life and last long enough to be used for more than one child?

 Buy second hand

 Buying second hand is the best way to keep your pram green. It takes away the use of new resources and energy, as well as labour and transport, often from overseas. Buying a pram second hand also prevents it from being thrown away on a landfill site where it can potentially stay for hundreds of years. In a similar way, when you have no further use for your pram, help other new parents by giving it away or selling it on.

 Double up

 While a pram or push chair can make life easier, many of the additional accessories they come with may not be necessary as you find that some transportation items have more than one use. A carry cot, for example, can double up as a Moses basket or crib and is ideal for when your baby is still small. Don’t necessarily choose the pram or pushchair with the most features if you know you won’t actually need them.

 Extend your pram’s lifespan

 Taking good care of your pram or push chair can help to extend its lifespan, keeping it useable for longer. Choose a pram with washable covers which will keep stains at bay, particularly when your baby starts eating solid foods. Folding joints and wheels may need occasional oiling to keep moving smoothly, and tyres and suspension will need occasional attention from time to time. Keeping on top of any problems will keep your pram fully working for longer, keeping it out of landfill.

Image sourced: Henry Burrows

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