The Sustainable Restaurant Association

The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a non profit membership organisation that helps restaurants become more sustainable.


The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a non profit membership organisation that helps restaurants become more sustainable. It also helps diners make a more sustainable choice when eating out.

The company believe that sustainability is not just about sourcing food and reducing environmental impact. It is also about how a restaurant meets their social responsibilities. Engaging with communities and promoting the value of good food.


For the Restaurants

Restaurants are helped by the Sustainable Restaurant Association to determine more sustainable resources. They work closely within their community to manage and source resources more effectively and efficiently.

Restaurants are added to a database where they can be easily searched by potential diners. They offer a sustainability rating to all restaurants. There are also annual awards available; Most improved. Pub of the year. Small group of the year. Hotel of the year. Welsh, Scottish, London restaurant of the year. Large group of the year. Unilever Food Solutions Food Waste Strategy. Innovation. Sourcing. Environment. Society. Restaurant of the year. And Raymond Blanc sustainability hero.


For the Diners

Diners can browse The Sustainable Restaurant Association website to find restaurant guides, sustainable recipes and an opportunity to get involved by voicing opinions.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association identifies sustainable restaurants and provides the information to diners. More information about sourcing, the environment and society allows diners to make a more informed decision in choosing their sustainable restaurant.


In Schools

The Sustainable Restaurant Association believes that children should receive good, healthy food when they are at school. To educate children about where food comes from and how it is prepared should start at an early age.

The School Food Plan aims to provide a universal vision for school food. They hope to implement a nationwide strategy to ensure improvements are made to date and consistently across the country. This can be achieved by looking at two basic questions. How will we get our children eating well in schools? And, what role should cooking and play in school life to enrich home lives and leave a lasting memory for later life?


Overall, the Sustainable Restaurant Association offers in depth information and opportunities to both restaurant and diner. A range of campaigns such as ‘The School Food Plan,’ and ‘Too Good to Waste’ deliver positive messages and inspiration for change.

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