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Sustainable restaurant practices are an increasingly important part of running a restaurant. You can find some of the best sustainable restaurants here.

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Sustainable restaurant practices are an increasingly important part of running a restaurant. Sustainable restaurant awards and the governing bodies that provide them are also on the increase. Of these governing bodies, The Sustainable Restaurant Association may be the most recognised. With this increase of sustainable practices in restaurants, this article will cover some of the most outstanding sustainable restaurant participants.


Café – ODE

A demand to provide a quality family eating experience was the catalyst to Cafe-ODE opening in May 2012. A purpose built facility located at Ness Cove in Shaldon, close to the beach with spectacular views.

A sustainable philosophy is at the core of Cafe-ODE operation. From the materials used to build and renovate the stable buildings. Whether it is the solar thermal located on the sedum kitchen roof to heat the water or the many pieces of recycled kitchen equipment used to produce food that is locally sourced.

This sustainable restaurant has a purpose built open kitchen. A kitchen that is filled with reconditioned and recycled parts and machinery. The menu at cafe-ODE changes throughout the course of the year as the seasons change. But you can also expect some traditional favourites that have been tried and tested at ODE-dining, LymeBay lobster and crab, salt and pepper channel squid South Devon chilli glazed mackeral, sustainable fish and chips, buckets of River Teign mussels with artisan breads.

The menu also features the very best from their fields – pulled pork sandwiches-BBQ pork ribs and belly, Venison scotch eggs, burgers and much more. Lots of innovative and creative salads, vegetarian and healthy options will also feature.

Café-ODE is licensed and beverages follow the same theme, offering a range of quality soft drinks from regional sources, organic cola, great local fizz, Kegs of cider and craft ales. A small selection of hand picked organic wines are also on offer.

Picnics hampers are also in the process of being developed. These will be ideal to take away and picnic on the NessBeach, encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors. Or simply for that quick bite to take home after your long day out.

In the winter months Café-ODE have plans for a number of kitchen master classes which will encourage people to follow the same practices as this sustainable restaurant.



Since opening in 2005 Iglu has been at the forefront of the Edinburgh restaurant scene. Iglu are committed to using ethically reared meat. Using meat farmed in the Borders supplied from local farms allows travel stress levels and food miles to be reduced.

Iglu has a similar policy to fish. They use organically or ethically farmed fish, such as sea trout and salmon. These have a lesser impact on the environment and wild stocks. The wild caught fish are caught in local waters where stock numbers are healthy. Iglu do not use any dredged shell fish. Their mussels are rope grown and their crabs are pot caught.

Locality has always been important for this sustainable restaurant. If a product can be found close to home that fits their requirements, Iglu will always look to use it, in turn supporting neighbouring producers. This also cuts down on food miles and transportation costs.

Seasonal produce is another key element that Iglu have been developing over the years. With many famous chefs celebrating the virtues of using seasonal produce, the importance has risen of a more traditional range of fruit and vegetables throughout the year.


Enochs Fish & Chips

Enochs fish and chips won The Sustainable Restaurant Association, Welsh Restaurant of the Year Award. At Enochs they strive to produce great fish and chips. In their pursuit to maintain consistent quality they have an excellent relationship with their local suppliers. These suppliers have sourced local, national and in some cases even international produce to help bring consumers to best that is on offer.

This sustainable restaurant does not use any additives in the preparation of their chips. They are freshly peeled and chipped on the premises everyday, cooked in 100% quality vegetable fat so you can enjoy crisp golden chips that are light and fluffy in the middle.

The array of fish on offer comes from all over. Enochs only use Cod from Iceland and try to buy from particular trawlers who they have found to be consistent in the quality of fish they produce. They buy Cod from managed stocks that are large and more mature which are then cut to size.

Cape Hake from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified supplier has been introduced to their regular menu. The MSC runs an ambitious program working with partners to transform the world’s seafood markets to a sustainable basis.



This sustainable restaurant has been the proud winner of The Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Environment Award. Poco is a festival cafe and now a permanent restaurant in Bristol. It serves a culmination of world food travel experiences. Recipes from their travels include roasted belly of pork with fennel crackling. Homemade Moroccan harissa. Their very own chorizo and muergez sausages amongst many others star on Poco’s menu. Poco offers brunch, vibrant super-food salads, wraps and sourdough sandwiches with grilled fish and organic meats.

In the evenings, a fresh seasonal selection of tapas and cocktails. You will find that Poco has put their own British twist on their meals. All their fresh meat and seasonal vegetables are generally organic and sourced from Bristol and Wales. All their fish is MSC certified. Meaning it has been sustainably caught. They reduce waste however possible. Through being thrifty with the delicious ingredients they choose. Buying less packaging. Recycling and composting.


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