Recipe- The Ulitimate Leftovers Omelette

This recipe is for the ultimate leftovers omelette, try it yourself using whatever kitchen ingredients need using up, and enjoy a high protein and zero waste dinner!


Omlettes are brilliant things. Quick, simple and relatively mess-free to make, they also happen to be one of the thriftiest dishes around. Almost anything can be added to this simple egg dish, including meat, greens, tomatoes, root vegetables and cheese, making it a perfect way to use up leftovers and prevent food waste. This recipe is for the ultimate leftovers omelette, try it yourself using whatever kitchen ingredients need using up, and enjoy a high protein and zero waste dinner!


2 eggs

2 tablespoon milk

2 tablespoon butter

salt and pepper for seasoning

Additional ingredients to try include:

grated cheese

diced ham

sliced, parboiled potatoes

sliced tomatoes

spinach leaves

cubed beetroot

boiled or fried broccoli flourettes

…in fact just about anything in your fridge which needs using up can be used!


Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat thoroughly

Heat a medium, non stick frying pan over a medium heat and add the butter

Add the milk to the bowl and a little salt and pepper to taste. Continue to beat thoroughly until the mixture is light and frothy

Adding omelette fillings can be done at this point, or saved until later when the omelett is almost cooked. Adding ingredients to the raw egg mix leaves them embedded in the omelette while adding them later leaves them wrapped up in the omelette itself. If adding extra ingredients to the omelette, add into the bowl and stir well until fully covered in egg. Try not to use too many ingredients at this stage however, as this may affect the way the omelette cooks in the pan.

Once the butter is hot and sizzling, pour in the egg mixture. Leave for 40 seconds to 1 minute to allow the omelette to set.

Use a rubber spatula to spread any remaining raw egg around the pan. The edges of the omelette should now start to resemble a pancake and the edges should gradually start to lift up.

Use the spatula to gently lift the omelette. It should lift easily, but if any part of it sticks, use the spatula to loosen it.

Flip the omelette over and cook the other side.

Add any further fillings or ingredients by spooning onto the top of the omelette on one half of its surface. Fold the other half of the omelette over and press down with the spatula to seal.

Cook for a further 20 seconds, or until the omelette is golden in colour, then transfer to a plate and serve.

This simple omelette recipe can be made as elaborate or varied as you like depending on which ingredients you choose to use, and once mastered, can be used to use up any excess eggs or other ingredients before their use-by date.

Image sourced: Martin Weller

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