A Guide to Homemade Nut Butter

Have a go at making your own homemade nut butter and treat yourself and your family to a healthy and delicious spread.

nut butter

Nuts are some of the most nutrient-rich foods in nature, and fortunately, are inexpensive enough to be enjoyed regularly. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to incorporate nuts into your diet is with nut butter, which can make a perfect spread for toast, a sandwich filling or a cooking ingredient. Peanut butter is one of the biggest selling nut products worldwide and can be a favourite with children. Home made, organic peanut butter with no added salts, sugars or preservatives is undoubtedly healthier than many of the pre-packaged products on the market. And not only is homemade nut butter healthier, by storing it in your own reusable, airtight jars, you can save large amounts of packaging from going to waste. Have a go at making your own homemade nut butter using peanuts, pecans, almonds or any other nuts and treat yourself and your family to a healthy and delicious spread.

How to make your own nut butter

To make any variety of homemade nut butter, add 100-200g of your chosen nuts to a food processor and switch it on. Initially, the nuts will form a dust and it might seem difficult to imagine them ever turning into a creamy butter. Keep the processor running though, and you’ll soon see clumps of paste start to form. You may need to pause the food processor to scrape down the sides. After around 15 minutes of blending, the natural oils in the nuts should be released and, blended with the rest of the nut, form a creamy paste. Keep blending until the butter is at the desired consistency.

Once the butter has formed, you can either transfer straight to an airtight jar, or add natural flavourings to taste. A dash of salt, vanilla seeds, cinnamon, honey and maple syrup are all popular additions to nut butters for variety and flavour. Swirl a small amount of your chosen flavour into the nut butter to taste.

Roasted nut butter

If you prefer the taste of roasted nuts, place your chosen nuts on a baking tray and roast for half an hour at 200C degrees, turning halfway through. Once roasted, follow the above process to make a delicious roasted nut butter.

Health benefits

Macadamia nut butter on toast for breakfast, or pecan butter and jam sandwiches for lunch make great energy boosting foods with a range of health benefits. The natural oils in nuts help to improve heart health and promote muscle growth with their high levels of protein. On top of this, each nut has a variety of exclusive benefits. Try a walnut butter to boost your brain power, or use chestnuts to improve your immune system functionality.

With so much health potential, why not whip up a batch of your favourite homemade nut butter for a nutritional ingredient that your whole family can enjoy?

Image sourced: Candice Eisner

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