Natural Restaurant Food and Drink in Wales

Natural restaurant food and drink is a growing market. Here you will find some of the best quality natural restaurant establishments in Wales.

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Natural restaurant food and drink is a growing market. And one that more and more people are looking to visit. A natural restaurant can fall into a number of categories; Being eco friendly by recycling, using organic produce, supporting local communities and reducing carbon emissions are to mention but a few. Here you will find some of the best quality natural restaurant establishments in Wales.


Tree House, Aberystwyth

Tree House is all about growing, cooking and serving organic produce.

Food Shop

This natural restaurant also has a shop. From which you can choose from over one thousand organic products. Tree House realises that business owners working in rural areas are in need of help. With this in mind, they offer more than just organic produce. Where possible, they source their goods from the local community. This supports local producers and growers.

Tree House also run a bicycle delivery service, minimizing the emissions they produce as a company.


Tree House is committed to offering a rotating menu of healthy food and drink. They use locally sourced and organic produce wherever possible. All of the ingredients used are available to purchase from their shop. This natural restaurant is also fully committed to recycling, composting and reducing waste.

Something that may set this natural restaurant apart from others is one of the challenges they have set themselves. With a focus on sustainable food, their challenge is to create daily specials containing only Welsh ingredients.

Organic Living

Tree House has taken a step towards reducing the amount of chemicals on your skin, in your home and in the environment with their organic living range of products. This range includes natural skincare, toys, bed linen and organic pure wool.


The Organic Juice Company, Cardiff

All of the juices and smoothies made by The Organic Juice Company contain only fruits, vegetables and specific supplements. Their menu changes regularly to reflect the different seasonal produce that is available. No additives, preservatives or GMOs are used in any of their products. They have earned their place as a great natural restaurant.


Pure, fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices are available. They provide the body with a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes and water. All of these factors are vital to maintaining good health and helping prevent disease. With various blends of ingredients this natural restaurant can offer juices to sooth nerves, juices to help cope with the morning after, as well as therapeutic juices.


Each smoothie made by The Organic Juice Company contains over one pound of fresh fruit. Every smoothie is low in fat and will contain at least your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, fibre, and a range of other vitamins and minerals that may be missing from smoothies prepared from concentrate.


The Organic Juice Company uses supplements for nourishing and nutritional effect. This differs from a stimulation effect such as caffeine. All are used in their most unrefined and natural forms. This gives them the highest bio availability and allows the body to easily absorb and use them.


For people interested in healthy living and eating, this natural restaurant offers in depth nutritional information on each of their products. This helps consumers to make better decisions when it comes to choosing the right produce.


Felin Fach Griffin, Brecon

The Felin Fach Griffin is a modern version of a traditional inn. And can boast being the only Welsh member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Food & Drink

The menus at the Felin Fach Griffin change daily and seasonally depending on what produce is available at that particular time of year. This ensures that the food you eat is fresh and contains the highest nutrient value. It also ensures that there are ever changing dishes to choose from all year round.

As well as a natural restaurant, the Felin Fach Griffin is also a pub. A range of alcoholic drinks are served here and apple juice is locally sourced from the UskValley.

Local Community

The Felin Fach Griffin earns its name as a natural restaurant by supporting the local community. Produce is bought from local producers and growers. This benefits the Felin Fach Griffin in having fresh produce, and benefits the local producers and growers in having continual business.


Lasswade Country House, Powys

The policy at Lasswade Country House is to source as much produce as possible from the local area. The style of cooking on offer at the Lasswade Country House is thought of as modern British with a Mediterranean twist. The owner of this natural restaurant has appeared on radio in programmes that document the use of local farmers markets. Menus change daily to incorporate the flavours, freshness and seasonal changes of the available local food.

Local Community

Lasswade Country House use locally sourced produce as the basis of their menus. Where possible, they also look for this produce to be organic. Regular visits to local farms and farmers markets ensure that the local community is supported. Some produce is even grown and supplied specifically for the restaurant by local small holders.

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