Top 3 eco friendly restaurants in the UK

More eco friendly restaurants are appearing in the UK. As consumers become more eco conscious they are beginning to patronise those restaurants that fit in with their eco friendly ethos.

More eco friendly restaurants are appearing in the UK.  As consumers become more eco conscious they are beginning to patronise those restaurants that fit in with their eco friendly ethos.

 Restaurant owners themselves are realising their responsibility to become more eco friendly.  The food industry has many damaging effects on the environment.  Some of these include:

  • Large CO2 emissions
  • High water consumption
  • Exploitation of farmers
  • Deforestation for grazing

There are many more damaging environmental impacts from the food industry.  This is why more restaurants in the UK are choosing to do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment.  The following 3 restaurants are leading the way in eco friendly eateries.


Duke of Cambridge 

The Duke of Cambridge has committed itself to being eco friendly.  They have received the Soil Association certification

This is a hard certification to gain for a restaurant.  They have to keep records of every ingredient that they use in their food and drink.  The soil association will also make random inspections.

The Duke’s menu combines seasonal and local produce to make their food as eco friendly as possible.  You can also check their sustainable fishing policy here.

Most of their food is sourced from the Home Counties and all their ales and lagers are brewed in London.


The Traddock: 

The Traddock is an eco friendly, family run restaurant.  In 2006 the Traddock was named organic restaurant of the year by the Soil Association.

This is down to the fact they built their own garden for kitchen produce.  They also have a large range of meat dishes, which are all sourced locally and mostly within a 50-mile radius.

Food waste [link to why cutting food waste is eco friendly] is a big problem in the food industry.  It is harmful to the environment.  The Traddock composts most of their green waste.  They use it as a fertiliser for their garden.


The Swan Inn: 

The Swan Inn is an eco friendly restaurant owned by organic beef farmers.  The restaurant specialises in steak.  These steaks are procured from their farm at Inkpen.

The beef is also Soil Association certified.  This means they are raised with the highest welfare standards and are given no drugs or additives.  Their other produce is also locally grown.  There are vegetarian options available at the restaurant too.

These 3 restaurants are just a few trying to operate an eco friendly business.  As awareness of environmental issues increases there will be more restaurants following in their example.



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