London’s best green restaurants

London has some of the best green restaurants in the UK. Consumers and restaurateurs are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of the food industry. Consumers are demanding green food, and restaurateurs are trying to meet this demand.

London has some of the best green restaurants in the UK.  Consumers and restaurateurs are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of the food industry.  Consumers are demanding green food, and restaurateurs are trying to meet this demand.

This article will look at how 3 of London’s best green restaurants are reducing their environmental impact.


Duke of Cambridge: 

The Duke is London’s greenest restaurant.  They have won more awards than all the other green restaurants in London.  They were also the first ‘gastropub’ in London to receive the Soil Association certification.

Local produce:

Green restaurants try to reduce the food miles of their produce.  The transportation of food emits huge volumes of CO2.  The Duke sources most of their food locally.  They also refuse to use any produce that is imported by flight.  This is very damaging to the environment.

Good Energy: 

The Duke pays its electricity to Good Energy.  All the electricity produced by Good Energy is created from renewable sources such as wind and solar farms.  By using Good Energy the Duke are supporting the development of these technologies and reducing their carbon emissions.


The Clerkenwell Kitchen: 

The Clerkenwell combines using organic and local produce.  They have good connections with local suppliers.  However, it is their recycling and sustainable seafood policies that make them one of the best green restaurants in London.


Reducing waste is an important issue for green restaurants.  Clerkenwell have a fully-fledged recycling system for their restaurant.  They recycle:

  • Paper,
  • Glass,
  • Plastic

They also use biodegradable packaging to further minimise their impact on the environment.

Sustainable seafood:

The Clerkenwell is one of the London’s best green restaurants because of the their seafood policy.  One of the big problems with our consumption of seafood is we prefer to eat only a few types of fish.  This strains those species.

The Clerkenwell only uses seafood, which is currently plentiful.  These include:

  • Mackerel,
  • Squid,
  • Pollack,
  • Crab,
  • Sardines.



Saf is one of London’s green restaurants because they use no meat in their menu.  It is a vegan restaurant.

Meat production:

The rearing of animals has a big impact on the environment.  Large areas of land are needed for grazing if they are free range, or for feed if they are factory farmed.  Animal waste damages coastal ecosystems as it contains fertilisers, which promote algal growth.  This suffocates other sea life from growing in coastal regions.

Saf has none of these environmental impacts, as they do not use any meat in their menu.

Energy consumption:

A lot of the food on Saf’s menu is either raw or cooked on low temperatures.  This reduces their energy consumption much more than other restaurants.  By reducing their energy usage they are also saving money on operating costs.


Image: ilovebutter

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