Green Bristol restaurants

If you are looking for green Bristol restaurants you are in luck. Britsol is the green capital of England and encourages the growth of green businesses and restaurants.

Pieminister green restaurant

If you are looking for green Bristol restaurants you are in luck.  Britsol is the green capital of England and encourages the growth of green businesses and restaurants.

The 3 restaurants on this article are all green.  However, each focuses on different environmental issues to reduce their impact on the environment and support local communities.


Bordeaux Quay Brasserie

Bordeaux Quay is a popular green restaurant that is independently owned in Bristol.  It is their mission to make Bordeaux Quay as sustainable as possible.  They were rewarded with the UKs first gold rating under the Soil Association sustainable catering scheme.

Packaging and recycling:

Bordeaux Quay has taken steps to reduce their packaging and recycling.  Green restaurants minimise waste as much as possible to reduce their impact on the environment.  Bordeaux does the following things:

  • All packaging is made from recycled or recyclable materials
  • Only use compostable sandwich bags
  • All food tubs are made from recycled plastic

They also recycle;

  • Glass,
  • Paper,
  • Cardboard,
  • Cooking oil,
  • Plastic bottles,
  • Metal tins,
  • Wood,
  • Printer cartridges,
  • Light bulbs.


 Reduced water consumption:

The food industry uses up huge volumes of water. Green restaurants will reduce their water consumption.  Bordeaux Quay has a rainwater-harvesting tank, which is used to flush the toilets in their restaurant.

 Green produce:

 Green restaurants source eco friendly produce.  Bordeaux Quay understands the effect the food industry has on the environment.  To reduce their impact they only purchase local, seasonal and organic food.

They achieve this by:


Boston Tea Party: 

Boston Tea Party is one of Bristol’s green restaurants because of its commitment to charity work.  Being a green restaurant is about more than just reducing their environmental impacts.  Corporate social responsibility plays a big part.  Being a good ‘corporate citizen’ is what Boston Tea Party aims to be.

Coffee Kids

The Coffee Kids foundation was set up in 1988.  It aims to reduce the poverty and difficulties experienced by coffee producing communities.  It has raised over $4million in funds for these communities and is helping to improve the quality of life for these people.

Boston Tea Party is an official business member.  They are raising money through the sale of guest coffees and reusable ‘Keep Cups.


Pie Minister: 

Pie minister uses local produce only from farmers they have personal experience with.  Green restaurants also create a good working environment for their biggest stakeholders: their employees.

Good work environment:

One way that Pie Minister is a green restaurant, aside from their eco friendly food produce, is a good working environment.

Happier workers are more productive.  An open forum is encouraged between the owners and employees. This allows for new green ideas and efficient ways of operating to be developed.

One of these ideas led to an allotment being built in the restaurant garden for employees to enjoy.


Image: Pieminister

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