Sustainable Restaurant, Acorn House

Sustainable restaurant, Acorn House delivers a truly eco-friendly experience. Quality fresh, seasonal ingredients are central to their food production.

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Sustainable restaurant, Acorn House has been described, by some, as ‘the most important restaurant to open in London in the past 200 years’. Acorn House won ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the Observer Food Awards 2007. It is located in Kings Cross, London and delivers a truly eco-friendly experience. Quality fresh, seasonal ingredients are central to their food production.

The food industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. In the UK, for every 1 calorie consumed, 10 calories are used to produce it. Acorn House aims to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible and change this image of the restaurant and hospitality industry whilst training young chefs.


Sustainable Restaurant Interior

This sustainable restaurant offers a unique dining experience. A glamorous eating space has been created using as much sustainable, renewable elements as possible.

-The floor is made from sustainable, recyclable material.

-Chairs are recycled and also recyclable.

-Seats are made from re-used material.

-Tables are forestry commissioned.

-Lighting is powered by the wind.

-Even the coffee machine has been reconditioned for use.

An open kitchen allows diners to see their food as it is prepared. In a bid to minimize wastage diners are welcomed to help themselves to as much or as little food as they like.


Food Waste

All food waste is put in to a dehydrating desiccating macerator. This machine turns food in to an inert material. Material which can be stored and used for composting later.

Compost is used in the restaurant garden. All soil in the garden started as food in the restaurant. There are three compost bins which use around 70 kilos of raw vegetable waste each week. There is an array of plant pots in the garden made from various items. Storm felled trees and wine caskets are just a couple.

The garden is also home to a water filtration system. This system uses water that runs from the restaurant. It is run through a series of stone beds and is used to water the garden. Further instilling the idea of a sustainable restaurant, Acorn House would like one of their next steps to be using this water to filter back into the toilet system.


Who’s Behind It

The owner of The Acorn House is Arthur Potts Dawson. He also owns another sustainable restaurant called The Water House. The goal has been to base the sustainable restaurants around the elements of Chinese medicine; Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth. The Acorn House represents ‘wood’. The Water House represents ‘water’. The future of this project is very exciting and promises great things for the sustainable restaurant industry.

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