Webee Universe: Green Home Automation

Check out Webee Universe, the green option home automation system.


Webee Universe is the first REAL Home Automation System that not only allows you to control all your smart objects, regardless of the manufacturer (it connects to any Wifi, Zigbee, ZWave operated device) through one app, but also does it all while learning from your behaviour, to provide you with better and greener ways to use your appliances and objects.

This learning concept allows Webee to change the way you consume and pay for energy. Webee opens up another dimension of savings allowing to program smart changes on your energy consumption, activate functions at energy saving hours from anywhere, and lastly getting rebates by turning old devices into smart without large investments.


Doing the thinking for you

Home Automation is not about laziness, nor is it about not doing things. Sure, the essence of it is that Webee will do things for you, yes. However, the things that Webee wants to be in charge of are those that you simply can’t remember: monitoring energy usage, controlling waste of resources.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, it’s raining outside and you are very busy trying to cancel plans and keeping the kids entertained. We can’t blame you for not remembering to turn off the sprinklers that are scheduled to run in two hours! Webee will alert you of the weather, the humidity on the ground and suggest to not waste water if you don’t have to!

You set the thermostat to turn down when you leave the office and to turn up again a little before you return home. This week though, you have house guests over! Webee will notice that there’s unusual activity in the house. It will alert you of this and give you suggestions to perform changes.

Use your resources wisely

If you don’t own smart objects, Webee provides you with affordable Plug and Play devices, which we call Bees, to make your regular appliances smart. It’s as easy as plugging something in or screwing in a light bulb. You will now be able to manage your energy use, get alerts when something is out of the regular, use appliances at off-peak hours, not waste resources, to name a few. Sky is the limit!

Webee in your home

At this point, Webee is on the verge of mass scale production and it’s looking for customer validation through Indiegogo Campaign The early adopters are the ones who are going to vouch for this exciting technology that, for the first time, brings a green option to the table.

Join us in the Webee Universe!

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