The Significance of Insulated Garage Doors

It’s important to keep your home insulated, but don’t forget your garage. It can be a big source of energy loss and insulated garage doors are the solution.

insulated garage doors

It’s entirely forgivable if you’ve ever been in your garage in winter and experienced icy cold temperatures and ignored it. Insulated garage doors might just be your salvation however. It’s easy to assume that because there’s such a large part of the garage which doesn’t have a solid wall, it’s unavoidably going to be receptive to the temperature outdoors. But if your garage is attached to your house, this means that there is potentially lots of heat escaping, meaning that your heating system is inefficient and releasing more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than it should be.

Insulated garage doors do exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. They reinforce the insulation that you’ve come to expect from the rest of your home so that your garage isn’t the weak point in your house’s eco-friendliness. They consist of many individual panels which are hinged together to form one larger shape which insulates the whole garage. Read on to find out why they’re better than traditional roller garage doors.

Insulated roller garage doors don’t insulate as efficiently

Compared to sectional insulated garage doors, roller doors offer a limited amount of insulation. The width of sectional insulated garage doors is about 42 millimetres thick, whereas roller doors are only about 18 millimetres. This makes the U value (the method that energy efficiency is measured in windows and doors – the lower the number, the better) between 1 – 1.4, which is slightly less than double glazing, which has a U value of 1.6. This therefore means that sectional insulated garage doors are more efficient at keeping heat in and cold out than double glazed windows, as well as blocking out more sound.

Sectional insulated garage doors offer more versatile designs

With a traditional roller garage door, you’re comparatively limited in terms of how it looks. One will look much the same as the next. So as well as being more capable of limiting your carbon footprint, you can more ably customise your garage’s appearance, should you wish to.

A higher level of security

Not just because sectional insulated garage doors are thicker, but they’re more secure because there are no leverage points, apart from at the bottom. Most sectional garage doors are also fitted inside the garage with their tracks fixed out of the view of anybody outdoors. Whether it’s an electrically operated or manually operated, the mechanism of a sectional garage door is too strong for anybody to force entry through.

A design that makes economical use of space

As a sectional garage door opens up, the individual panels of it allow it to flexibly retract back into the garage. Not only is this a space saving solution, but if you have a larger car you’ll have no issue with fitting it through into your garage because these doors open completely. Traditional garage doors often aren’t capable of opening fully or are quite difficult to force open all the way, but sectional garage doors allow maximum height and width to be achieved.

For other ways to insulate your garage, check out this helpful guide.

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