Neurio Appliance makes any Home a Smart Home

How Energy Aware’s Neurio appliance could cut down almost half of your energy consumption.


We are well aware that in order to save money and energy it is best to switch off our electrical appliances whenever we’re not using them, but it can be difficult and impractical to get into the routine of switching switches every time we leave a room, and this is where the Neurio appliance could completely change your energy consumption.

energy aware 300x96 Neurio Appliance makes any Home a Smart Home

Switching off lights and appliances will always save energy, and the next big thing in home electrical systems and smart appliances looks set to be the smart home. Energy Aware, a company based in Canada, has come up with the Neurio appliance and has been funding it via Kickstarter. You can contribute towards the funding now by clicking here.

Energy Aware knows that constructing a smart home from scratch can be extremely expensive, and is way out of the reach of most of us. Therefore, the Neurio appliance was designed with the general population in mind. It can turn any home into a smart home simply by monitoring the electrical feedback given by the devices you already have in your home. If by chance you have smart appliances in the home already, it is able to communicate with these too.

Using the Neurio appliance

The Neurio appliance is mounted on your electrical box, and dissimilarly from other smart home appliances, it does not need to have sensors fitted to each and every electrical and electronic device you have in the home. Once the device has been taught that, for example, you have just switched on the dishwasher, it will recognise that same electrical activity the next time around. Energy Aware says that in the Neurio appliance’s beta tests, some homeowners saved up to 44% on their home’s energy costs.

There are two steps in using the appliance.

Step One: Smart Homeowner. The first step in allowing Neurio to help homeowners is the homeowners themselves understanding where their energy consumption is coming from. This results in an itemised list of the different power consumptions in the home. Knowledge is power, and the more the homeowner knows, the better equipped they are to deal with their electrical devices.

Step Two: Smart Home. The next step is Neurio’s job. The Neurio appliance uploads consumption data to the cloud so that the homeowner is able to keep track of their energy consumption amounts and patterns anytime, and anywhere. This is done via a smartphone app called Wattson. You can keep on top of your daily patterns, when you get up in the morning or go out to work, or when you use certain appliances. Therefore, if you usually do your washing and put the clothes in the dryer at a certain time, Neurio can give you a reminder in case you forget. If you tend only to watch television on a Thursday night, the Neurio appliance will be able t tell your smart television set or home theatre system to shut down or to completely disconnect for the rest of the time.

Image: Alan Levine

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