How to Boost Door Security and Help the Environment

Ensuring you have fool-proof door security in your home should be your main security concern. There are a multitude of reasons why.

door security

When burglar-proofing your home, door security should be your number one priority. If your front door isn’t secure, breaking into your home will be very easy indeed!

Without decent door security, you may find yourself waking up to find your valuables have all been pinched. This is detrimental to you feeling safe in your own home, and, believe it or not, the environment.

If all your expensive appliances have been stolen, you’ll possibly have to buy new ones if you don’t have an insurance policy that covers them. Not only is this an avoidable expense, but there’ll be double the amount of energy being used and double the amount of carbon emissions. This is because you’ll be enjoying your new appliances and your burglar will be enjoying your old ones!

If you live in a city, home security and particularly door security will hopefully be at the forefront of your mind. But the crime statistics of Cornwall and Devon prove that city dwellers aren’t the only ones who should be mindful. With 649 burglaries in June 2013 and 705 in May (, country life isn’t the crime-free haven that people often mistake it for.

Here are five security tips for you to consider if you want the best level of door security for your home. Don’t let burglars take what you’ve worked hard for!

1. Get rid of any hollow exterior doors

What’s inside these types of door won’t protect against very much. With a cardboard inner, it doesn’t matter what the outside of the door is made of because it’ll be so thin that you could probably punch a hole through it. Replace any such doors with something solid. Regardless of if it’s wood, metal or fiberglass, it’ll be more secure than cardboard, not to mention better at insulating your home.

2. Don’t go for a door with glass in it

Even if it’s double/triple glazing, there’s a risk that a burglar could smash it. If it’s big enough they could climb through it, or reach around for the door handle inside.

3. Put a peephole on your front door

When someone knocks on your door late at night, it can be a little disconcerting. Rather than risk opening your door to a thug, having a wide-angle view of who’s on the other side of the door will allow you to be in control of who comes into your home. Door security doesn’t come much simpler than this.

4. Don’t have hinges on the outside

All hinges should be on the inside, and even those should have non-removable hinge pins. Also ensure that they are attached to your door frame with at least 3 inch screws. Intruders will need nothing short of a battering ram to break down your door, which will obviously make quite a bit of noise!

5. Consider using a dead-lock for extra door security

By having more than one lock, burglars may be discouraged from trying to break in, particularly if the extra lock is a dead-lock. Dead-locks are a type of lock that you can’t open with a key from the outside. This is a great bit of door security for when you’re at home because when it’s locked nobody can get in unless they completely break down the whole door and frame.

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