3 Upcycled Doors that will Blow your Mind

Gregg from Oakwood Doors has some fantastic tips on how upcycled doors can look beautiful in your home, and what a great project upcycling a door can make

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Upcycling is the ‘green’ process of recycling old materials into something fabulous that can be used for years to come.

Giving new life to something like an old and unused door can give your home a fantastic retro feel, whilst leaving you with something truly unique (and being economical at the same time!).

Upcyclying a door can be problematic due to its sheer size, making it a challenge to look completely different! But once done right, it’ll no doubt spark off loads of other creative ideas.

Here are three fantastic upcycling projects that will make you want to knock on wood over the weekend (if you don’t have a door to hand, then you pick up clearance doors online or better yet have a look in a local skip- but always ask first).

A humble mirror

Picture 24 3 Upcycled Doors that will Blow your Mind

Image sourced: nefotlak


Cheryl over at Nefotlak took what used to be a boring old cabinet door and turned it into this elegant and retro mirror. All she did was:


  • Painted a couple of coats of primer without sanding a thing then painted it with the colour she wanted.
  • Created a distressed look through sanding some areas

The most expensive part was getting a bit of mirror cut from a local glass merchant.

By leaving the original fittings on the door, she managed to create a beautifully original mirror.

Hints to make this a bit greener: Use Farrow and Balls Eco Paints or use some reclaimed paint through the UKs Community RePaint project. This way you will get free paint and you are using other people’s leftovers.

A salvaged coffee table

Picture 4 3 Upcycled Doors that will Blow your Mind

Image sourced: This Sorta Old Life

Rita and Cane run a lovely blog over at thissortalife.com and this coffee table labelled their “greenest project ever” is a super simple, yet stunning addition to any living room. Made from a salvaged old exterior wooden door this was a fairly straight forward cut and stick job, with a bit of sanding and measuring thrown in for good measure.

You can find a full step-by-step guide on their site and we love how eco-friendly and versatile this salvaged door has become.

A bench with a difference

Picture 3 3 Upcycled Doors that will Blow your MindImage sourced: The Friendly Home

This “Bench Tree” is one of our favourite projects for upcycling old doors. It’s considered a little bit more advanced in the Upcycling world, but the effect of the finished project gives a truly magnificent piece of hall furniture that is so practical it rivals even IKEA’s attempts at shoe storage hall furniture.

Utilising a couple of the same doors, old hooks and a brand new drawer this hall bench shot Hillary from friendly-home.net to the top of our list on these upcycling masterpieces.

So there you have it…

Three upcycled doors given a new lease of life from their DIY loving owner, showing that with just a bit of time and a lot of love you can turn anything into an interior design gold mine.

But if you are more of a traditionalist and prefer to keep your doors on their hinges, you can use this handy door painting guide to give them a new lease of life.

By Gregg, Oakwood Doors

Edited by Helen Kinsella


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