Replace a Staircase and Revitalise your Home

How to create a bright, modern space when you replace a staircase.

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There are few things which can alter a home’s a appearance so much as if you replace a staircase. Traditional staircases tend to be quite enclosed, and therefore dark, and can stop light from travelling effectively around the house.

In today’s warmer, better built houses, it is not so necessary to separate rooms from each other to keep each one warm and to keep smells from travelling around the home. Open-plan living is the order of the day, and opening up an old staircase is a brilliant way of beginning your open plan renovation and creating a more communal, family-oriented space in which to live.

Replace a Staircase: Design

Minimalism. The modern staircase is all about simplicity. Simple lines and clean materials should be used when you decide to replace a staircase. This way you can make this structural element of the house both a focal point as well as an unobtrusive and light-inviting part of the home. By removing unnecessary walls around a staircase, light flooding in through the windows on the upper floors is able to filter down to the lower levels, meaning that the hours of natural lighting in the home are lengthened and the need for electric light is lessened.

Scandinavian style. As we move ahead in British design, we are drawing more and more on the style of the Scandinavians. Clean lines and simplicity appear timeless in their design, and have been a key influence since the early 20th century.

Design ideas. When you replace a staircase with a modern design, it is a good idea to think of using simple materials such as smooth wood, clear glass panels, smooth metals, and a white paint scheme. White is perfect for open, modern homes as it allows the light that is drawn in by the open design to be bounced around the house instead of being soaked up by darker colours.

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