How to construct Eco Student Housing

It has never been a better time to consider converting your property into eco student housing. But how green can students be?

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Is eco student housing possible? With rising student numbers, it’s possible to make a huge increase in your income by renting out property to a group of students. Unfortunately, students aren’t traditionally very eco-focussed. Student houses across the country are used for regular parties, barbecues, all-night movie marathons and a whole load of other things which consume huge amounts of electricity and gas.

While four out of five students living in a student house might be eco-conscious, it only takes one to be on their XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3 all night long when the new Grand Theft Auto is released!

But there are some measures you can take so that your property is a bit greener than it’s potentially destined to be.

1. Fit solar panels for eco student housing

It’s almost guaranteed that at least one of the students living in your eco student housing will be notorious for not being the remotest bit aware of how to save energy, especially if they’re in their first year. Don’t worry – when they reach their second year they may have grasped that turning lights off and closing windows if they want to turn the heating on will reduce how much they’re forking out on bills. In the meantime, fit some solar panels so they’re not draining resources as much.

2. Fit a skylight in the roof

By letting more natural light into the building, students will be less inclined to turn the lights on when the sun starts to go down. This will save on their CO² emissions, their energy usage and consequently their energy bills.

3. Use low energy bulbs

Before the students move into their eco student housing, make sure you’ve fitted all lamps and main lights with low energy bulbs. Hopefully this will encourage them to replace them with more low energy bulbs should any of them stop working. Low energy bulbs have a longer lifespan than normal bulbs and are often cheaper to buy as many retailers are now trying to promote a more eco-friendly home environment.

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4. Put up signs around the house promoting eco-awareness

It’s a legal requirement these days to give student houses access to fire safety procedures and gas and electric safety certificates. It would also be beneficial to put up small signs in your eco student housing near to light switches and electrical appliances which inform them of the benefits of being conservative with their energy use.

5. Fit your eco student housing with decent insulation

Depending on the type of house the students will be living in, you should fit it with either good cavity wall insulation or solid wall insulation. If you’re unable to get through to them about respecting your eco student housing, you can at least do your own bit to limit how many carbon emissions the property gives off. By fitting some good quality insulation, energy efficient windows and other things you may not have thought of, such as blocking up open fireplaces so that they’re not exploited, you’ll at least be able to sleep at night knowing you’ve done as much as you can.

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