How to Increase Your Home’s Value by Improving its Energy Efficiency Rating

Find out how to increase your home’s value by upping its energy credentials.

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Energy efficiency is a big factor which many people mull over when deciding if a potential house is right for them.  Therefore, ensuring your home is as efficient as it possibly can be is a great way of getting the value of your house to increase, and for more potential buyers to sit up and listen.  Here’s how.

Simple Solutions

There are plenty of ways you can use a little bit of handy work to increase your home’s value through its energy efficiency and raise its selling potential.  For a start, you could place aluminium foil behind all of your radiators to reflect heat back into your rooms.  You could paint your walls brighter, more reflective colours to keep the heat in, and throw rugs on cold floors to prevent ground chill from creeping up into your ground floor rooms.

Larger DIY Fixes

If you’re looking for more permanent, large-scale solutions, you might need to invest a little bit of money and time to increase your home’s value and energy efficiency rating.  For example, your cold floor could be made significantly less cold by diverting your hot water pipes underneath your flooring to allow the radiated heat that would normally escape to heat your floors.  You could also consult an insulation expert to see if you need your insulation improving. Remember, you might be eligible for free insulation from a government scheme, depending on your income, so it’s worth checking for.

Alternative Energy Methods

The reason why heating is so expensive is because your home takes it from the national grid – the utility infrastructure shared by the entire country. If you can produce some or all of your own electricity, however, you’ll get this for free.  A great way to do this is through solar panels, which are becoming much more affordable, and many home owners are eligible for them if your house is within 45 degrees of south facing.  If you get them, you could knock hundreds off your electricity bill and the feedback into the national grid could save you money too.  This would be a fantastic incentive for a potential buyer, as it’s an instant revenue stream that could also help keep your home heated.

Once you’ve made some of the above changes, get your home valued using a company like House Network and you’re sure to see an increase over your previous estimations.

Written by Tom Nelson

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