Is Green Housing getting the Credit it Deserves?

In June 2013, nine organisations were awarded for their green housing under the government’s Code for Sustainable Homes scheme at a BRE event in London.

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In June 2013, nine separate organisations were awarded for their efforts in constructing green housing stock under the government’s Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) scheme at a BRE event in London.

St Edmunds Developments built the 100,000th home to the specifications of the Code which was introduced in 2007. The other winners at the Westminster event included Southern HousingLondon Borough of Tower Hamlets, Victory HousingLeazes HomesFairview New HomesStock Woolstencroft, Michael Axtell from Queensbury Design, Bill Dunster of Zed Factory, and Richard Hodkinson Consultancy.

The 2013 Code For Sustainable Homes Awards was supposed to direct recognition to green housing and the various organisations across the housing sector which have made progress in tackling the business, customer, and environmental challenges faced by green housing.

Technical director for sustainability at BRE, Alan Yates, said that: “The government is currently reviewing housing standards. Before the regulatory landscape changes we need to recognise the significant time, effort and investment of all the stakeholder groups, involved in delivering sustainable homes as well as appreciate the many tangible benefits that sustainable housing brings.”

As part of the event, DCLG data was released to show that the costs of delivering green housing to both levels 3 and 4 of the CSH have reduced significantly since 2007 as the supply of and demand for green housing increases.

An additional lifetime award was given to British architect Bill Dunster OBE for his contributions to sustainable and low carbon green housing with his Zedfactory zero-carbon design developments. The latest product to come from the factory is the ‘Zero Bills Home’, which aims to produce an affordable and attractive home which costs less to live in than a home which has been made to the minimum standards of Building Regulations.

Credit where credit is due?

All of the attention which events such as this focus on the issue of green housing can only do the movement good. Awards such as these will not only highlight to other housing companies the importance of considering our environment when it comes to home design but they will also bring to the attention of the wider population the efforts to which we should be going to preserve our planet as well as to progress with our architecture and other technologies.



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